Your mobile load speed is probably too slow

If it is one critical area in which most small and medium sized businesses pay almost no attention to it is their mobile marketing. Mobile use for search has exploded and mobile use should increase to nearly 70% of all searches within the next year or so. Also, the search god Google has demanded that speed be a priority for ranking mobile sites and SERPs. Sadly, no one seems to be getting the clues being left around.

  • Recent research done at some recent industry gatherings tested nearly 200 small business mobile sites for speed. Google wants everyone in the page load range of 5 to 10 seconds but nearly half of the companies tested took at least 11 seconds to load. Only 15% of those businesses came anywhere near the five seconds Google is looking for.

  • While tons of recent research has found that consumers will wait four or more seconds for a mobile page to load, Google studies suggest that most searchers are gone at around three seconds. When consumers were asked, they indicated that page loading speed would affect their responses in the future. Most said that they would never return to a site that loaded so slowly.

  • Speed is everything these days as patience and attention spans have shrunk to almost nothing. Ignoring the increased reliance on mobile search denies you the opportunity to gather in warm leads and conversions. Mobile search is the future and the future arrived yesterday. Are you ready?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer