Your mobile SEO really needs this

As mobile use becomes more and more of a default mode, the more importance your mobile SEO takes on. Over 60%  of all searches are currently being performed on a mobile device. The challenge seems to be that small businesses are sorely lagging behind the big boys and girls with regard to perfecting their mobile presence. It doesn’t have to be this way as being mobile ready means you could very well be in a place to dominate your rivals. Recent research reveals that most people spend about six hours a day staring at their phone while being connected to the world wide web.

  • Your mobile marketing must take advantage of this by boosting your SEO and your overall mobile marketing. These days, mobile devices are easily plugged into the social media platforms. Your mobile marketing needs to be engaging as well as fun for the searcher. It needs to be more game like than your regular SEO and marketing. Invite them in with offers of prizes and rewards. Dangle the proverbial carrot of a great deal. Do this, and the traffic will surely follow.
  • Your entire marketing strategy should be tailored to embrace mobile devices. This is even more critical to your business since the search god Google has gone to a “mobile first” system of search results. Google now looks at a mobile site before it turns its attention to a desktop site.
  • You must embrace the latest technology or you must have access to it. Your mobile site has less than two seconds to load or the searcher is gone. Google research has found that when a load time goes from one second to five seconds, the bounce rate is over 90%. Also, you must have a secure server and network. Consider moving your efforts to a cloud based infrastructure for speed, security and reliability. Doing so and likely keep your costs lower than you might think.
  • Mobile is the future and you need to be there. Your mobile SEO as well as the overall site must respond immediately to a potential customer. Sadly, instant gratification is the key to overall mobile success. Make sure the steps are there that lead those searchers to the “buy now” button.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer