Your SEO efforts may be headed in the wrong direction

130 You need your SEO marketing efforts to work for you. But are they really? Are you doing the things you think you need to do and finding out that they are not producing the ROI you are looking for? If you haven’t been paying attention, or if you have been ignoring, Google’s recent algorithm updates, then you are likely headed down the wrong road.

  •  SEO marketing is not something that can obtain instant results and gratification. It is a long term growth process designed to drive business to your business. Many small business owners continue to ignore these efforts because they can’t “see” almost immediate results. Because of this, they stop doing whatever they were doing which has just resulted in them losing serious ground to their competitors.
  • Others think that there are certain tricks and magic’s they can employ that will fool the search engines into ranking them higher. Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates have already begun squashing those efforts with an iron fist.
  • The recent Google algorithm updates have been pretty specific with regard to what Google looks for now. They are less interested in technology and slight of hand and more interested in those companies that value customer interaction. This is why the integration of social media marketing has become so important to your overall SEO marketing efforts.
  • Facebook continues to be a huge traffic driving opportunity for you. Stimulate traffic with content and video that is relevant and of value to your visitors. Engage them in conversation. Ask opinions, solicit ideas and comments. Bring them in, excite them, and drive them to your site to know more and to gain further value in their lives.
  • The same engagement practices must apply at all of your social media platforms. Building relationships is what will drive new business and it is that engagement that will explode your SEO marketing efforts and increase your traffic and revenue gains.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer