Your testimonial vids must do this

One of the best things your business can do for its marketing and branding efforts is to produce and post customer and client testimonials. Since 95% of potential customers and clients are checking out testimonials and reviews, you simply can no longer ignore the power of video testimonials. However, too many small and medium sized businesses are simply doing a poor job with those videos they do produce and post. Sadly, it seems that too few actually know what they are doing. These are just a few of the things your customer testimonials need to be doing to be successful.

  • Latest research has even the B2B companies exploring video testimonials with nearly 80% of them using them for their advertising and branding efforts. If you optimize your written scripts, it will make it much easier for the bots to find them. Don’t just have a talking head boring the heck out of people for three minutes. Plan it like you would be planning a news story or a commercial because that really is what these testimonials are going to be.
  • When posting, take the time to create a dynamic and engaging thumbnail. These are critical to viewership and too many are simply boring and don’t encourage someone to view it. If you find this hard to believe just take a trip out to YouTube and view as many thumbnails as you can. This also goes for your title tags. Make people want to view you video. You want views and especially shares because shares are directly linked to your rankings.

  • Again, mix up your visuals to include various backdrops and scenes. Also include stats that people can easily relate to. Measurable data can make you stand out among your competitors. Like any good commercial, you want the viewers to come away with information they can use as well as a strong positive feeling about your company.
  • Make it personal. Get your customers and clients to tell their personal stories about the problems they had and how your company went about solving them. Bring people behind the scenes. Get them to know your company not as just a faceless business but as real people helping other real people.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer