You’re mentally tough? Really?

Most people live in the delusion that they are mentally tough. The truth is, very few are. Most people’s minds are too scattered too self centered and too unfocused. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are certain habits and mindsets that separate the mentally tough from everyone else. It is just a matter of knowing what they are and practicing them everyday.

  • People who are mentally tough never get on the pity pot and feel sorry for themselves. They are realists. They see themselves for what they are and where they are and never worry about what could have been if this had happened or that had happened. They don’t lay blame where it doesn’t belong and they never make excuses. They know that the time wasted trying to explain why something didn’t get done could actually have been used to get that thing done.
  • Unlike most people who are freaked out by change, the mentally tough embrace change and work with it to their advantage. They see change as an opportunity, not an obstacle or quick excuse. They also know that they can’t control everything. They can only control their own actions and never worry about how others will react. They know that they must speak and act their own truth and are not responsible for how others react to it. They are not control freaks. They control what they can control and never worry about what they can’t control.
  • They don’t live in the past and they are not people pleasers. They know who they are and where they want to be. If others don’t like it, that is just too bad. They know people pleasers are never really themselves. They are constantly only what others see them or want them to be. The past is the past for them. They learn from their mistakes and move on. They never day dream of how great they thought they were in days gone by. They live in the now.
  • They never seek what most others do – instant gratification. They know such a thing is only for babies and small children. They have a plan and they work their plan and, over time, their plans usually materialize. Unlike most, they know that the world owes them nothing. Everything they want they have to go out and make it happen. Finally, they ever quit. They never make the same mistakes twice because they have learned from those mistakes. If something isn’t working, they don’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. They know that is insanity. Instead, they make adjustments and move ahead with a new plan until they have one that gets them to where they want to be.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer