September 1, 2021

Has local search optimization become a leading factor in the survival of a small business these days? There is much data and research to suggest that it is. Local search seems to become a determining factor with regard to your business being found by potential customers. In some recently compiled data published by 99firms, it […]

August 30, 2021

For a few years now, mobile marketing has been gaining momentum and has now become a serious force to be reckoned with. Around half of the world’s commerce is now getting done via mobile so if your business is not intesifying its mobile marketing efforts, then you may very well be left behind. Being optimized […]

August 27, 2021

It seems that, as consumer sentiments shift, a company’s online branding strategy may need to pivot with it. But what is the customer’s expectations these days? How will your business adapt in an effort to strengthen your online branding and company image?  It can all be a bit confusing and tricky to get a handle […]

August 25, 2021

For the past year and a half, small businesses across the country have had to make serious adjustments and, sadly, many have not survived the whims of the politicians. As retail continues to battle bravely against huge odds, the service oriented companies, and others, are finding that their workforce is now mostly remote. But is […]

August 23, 2021

Small businesses, and small business owners, are different and that difference matters greatly. Not everyone has that entrepreneurial mindset and drive that makes small businesses the backbone of every economy in the world. Small business also faces challenges and obstacles not seen elsewhere but their fire and determination is what sets them apart and makes […]