Social Media Management

The importance of an active and thorough social media presence is becoming increasingly apparent to companies spanning startup through enterprise.

Pushing high quality content and sharing information through social media creates ample opportunities for customer and follower engagement.

It’s quite simple:

Leveraging social platforms increases site traffic due to increased visibility and sharing of content that readers are interested in.

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SearchPro will create and strengthen your business’s social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.

Our social media team will create and publish unique content on your your chosen social platforms on a daily or weekly basis. Additionally, our clients have the option of upgrading on a per-account basis to include other platforms in order to extend their social customer reach.

When you share information about company events, news, and initiatives, you give customers the opportunity to get to know your business on a more personal level by providing insight into your company culture and personality. Across all industries, customers want to know that people behind the scenes at your business are candid and sincere. Let us help your company achieve a higher level of customer engagement and interact with your target audience like never before.

Social Media Advertising Services

Social Media platforms allow us to deliver your content and message to your exact target market. Social platforms give us the ability to deliver your brand’s message to your specific market in order promote newly created content, products, promotions, case studies and more. Targeted Social Media ads and content can be shown to people that have an interest in what you do and/or offer.

Running a consistent targeted Social Media campaign can help drive market engagement, likes, leads, sales and brand awareness. Our team can create, deploy and manage social ad platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Adroll, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more if applicable to your offering.

*Paid advertising services provided in separate packages.

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