Are Traditional Marketing Methods Dead?

Posted on June 6, 2011 in Facebook, Social Media

This video just goes to show how important it is for you and your business to be a part of the Social Media world. I mean, 574,000,000 Facebook users worldwide and 190,000,000 Twitter users worldwide! It’s IMPERATIVE that you get involved. Television, Radio, Newspaper and other ‘old school’ methods of advertising are faltering, because people spend an average of EIGHT HOURS online each day! People are watching TV, listening to commercial free radio and reading news articles online, so commercials and traditional advertisements can be avoided (for the most part).

When Television was first introduced into every home in America, there were very few companies who could afford to advertise on TV. After a few years, hundreds of businesses were able to, so commercials became shorter in length and in order for your commercial to stand out from others, your commercial needed to be flashy and short and have a catchy jingle or slogan. In 2010, those types of advertisements are the exact opposite of what people are looking for. There are so many business options out there that people want to choose based on trust and likability, and using uninformative, cheesy slogans, can actually turn people away from your business. People are going online now to search for businesses with that trust and likability factor. So businesses now need to cater to people’s online searches, (hence SEO) to be informative, (hence website content, videos and VSEO) and to be personable and likeable (hence Social Media).

Twenty four out of the world’s 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation. The average person only spends 15 minutes listening to the radio during an average week. More than 50% of people are watching TV online. You be the judge, but know that traditional marketing is most likely in a permanent decline, while SEO, VSEO and Social Media Marketing are experiencing shocking increases in worldwide popularity.