Social Media

Getting an edge on your rivals is a long term strategy that can often seem a never ending struggle. Keeping your SEO, and other online marketing efforts, strong and robust is a solid foundation but are you missing something? The missing piece these days is personalization. If you are not making it personal for your […]

Is social media still a critical cog in your online marketing machine? In these uncertain times, it can be a difficult thing to assess. Small business owners need every advantage possible to stay competitive and ahead of rivals. One means of doing that is to secure the data you need that will allow you to […]

Social media influencers and business bloggers have been an integrated part of many small businesses online marketing success in recent years. But, are these influencers really worth it? Can they really help your business? The long game answer seems to be that they do offer value and should be pursued. But, like everyone else these […]

It has always been thought of as a good thing this multitasking thing. But is it really? The real truth of the matter seems to be that multitasking, while praised everywhere, actually means, in reality, that you are getting less done and the quality of your work is poorer. You may look busy as all […]

Much is constantly made about integrating video into your overall online marketing strategy. But, is it being made too much of? Keeping your SEO and your social media strong and current should be enough. Shouldn’t it? In some surprising research gathered together by Oberlo, it seems that video will continue to be an important weapon […]

One of the most valuable weapons with regard to your online marketing is video. There can no  longer be any doubt. If video is not a big part of your overall game plan then you might as well just pack up and go home. But where to begin? What to focus on as you craft […]

As American small businesses continue to forge new paths toward the future, it appears that it may depend on more than a few variables. As business owners and entrepreneurs look to get a handle on what needs to be done, Forbes magazine has recently released some intel that may lead the way. Forbes gathered over […]

During these volatile times, it is easy to lose sight of the basics. Many believe that extraordinary times call for unconventional and untested strategies. This may not be the case. Most times, the tried and true strategies remain the best course of action simply because they have proven to work over time. What is generally […]

Getting a firm grip on your mobile SEO strategy may never be more critical to the survival of your business. As mobile search continues to drive itself forward, it has quickly become the preferred method of search for pretty much every generation. In some recent research released by the Blue Corona company, mobile search has […]

This has been a year where just about anything seems plausible. As the holiday season looms, a perfect example seems to be that the concept of “Black Friday” will not be limited to the day after Thanksgiving. It  seems that American business has decided that the concept will encompass the entire month of November. Who […]