Social Media

Brand trust is something that just doesn’t happen. It is a long term strategy that you must tend carefully and faithfully every day. What many CEO’s and small business owners don’t recognize is how their individual social media presence has a huge affect on how the brand is seen by potential customers and clients. In […]

There are times when social media is nothing but shifting sand. If your business and your marketing efforts don’t keep a watchful eye on that shifting sand, then it just may be likely that there will be potential business that you will miss out on. Adapting to the ever changing social media winds has never […]

Many businesses and employees have been forced to work remotely of late. Yet, despite this, no one seems to understand what it actually takes to work remotely. Most people can’t do it. They don’t have the right mindset or self discipline . Of course, these days, no one, especially politicians, cares about that. In a […]

Video has evolved into one of the most powerful marketing tools that any business, regardless of size, must employ to stay competitive these days. Video is versatile and can readily engage and move the viewer from being a passive observer to and engaged buyer. When stepping beyond the bounds of your company website, it can […]

Getting back up and running is no easy task especially if your data and intel is not the most current. The importance of your social media marketing means you must know exactly the state of social media as well as to, perhaps, glimpse where it might be going. Hubspot has recently gathered together as much […]

As American, and world wide, businesses begin to pull themselves back up from near devastating circumstances, it becomes increasingly¬† critical that they begin to re-assess what is and what is not working with regard to their marketing. In some recently released research done by Chicago based social media analytics company, Sprout Social, the company went […]

If there is one tool that seems to be making great strides with regard to marketing results, it is the podcast. The proliferation of the podcast as a broadcast and marketing medium over the last few years has been astounding. The data and the numbers don’t tend to lie. There has been some research released […]

As businesses all over the world continue to re-emerge into a new landscape, many are considering the importance of their search engine optimization strategies. As companies scramble to get up and running again, does your SEO marketing need to be re-structured or even abandoned? There has been some recent research released by Conductor, and published […]

As the world begins to tiptoe back out into some manner of normalcy, many are still relatively confined and politicians continue to make it difficult for many businesses across many industries to get up and running again. Now may just be the perfect time to crank up a little social selling.The social selling strategy is, […]

If you have not geared up to take advantage of the voice search explosion, then what are you waiting for? The emergence of voice activated technology has led to an ever increasing number of people employing voice search technologies. The startling thing that has emerged is how voice search is affecting the bottom line of […]