Social Media

Social media marketing is a must have for any business regardless of size. The challenge continues to be one of flexibility and adaptation. Having the proper intel regarding social media platforms as well as where social media currently is can give you the edge you must have. In some recently published research by Hubspot, it […]

In these uncertain times, most small businesses and entrepreneurs are searching for anything that might give them an edge. Using what you have that as been working for you over time may just need a bit of a shake up. Perhaps if two of your best weapons were used in combination to keep a momentum […]

Sadly, there is still an enormous amount of small businesses out there that have yet to adapt to mobile. With most consumers searching and buying through their mobile devices, not being optimized for mobile will definitely put you way behind your rivals. Also, for many, they have taken a do-it-yourself approach that simply isn’t working. […]

As American small businesses continue to struggle and battle their way back from many devastating roadblocks, it is heartening to see that the American entrepreneurial spirit has remained intact. The economy had been roaring along with opportunities everywhere until it was suddenly stopped and local politicians began to decide how things were going to go. […]

The social media jungle is a fluid thing. While your social media marketing will always remain a crucial part of your business survival, it is equally important to stay abreast of the current mindset. In some recently released research, SproutSocial went out and took the pulse of both the consumer and of marketing professionals in […]

The strength of your overall SEO and digital marketing efforts will likely determine the future of your business. The most crucial part of a potential customer’s journey begins when they have identified their pain and have now begun to search out solutions. Perhaps the foremost reason most small business owners don’t have an exact handle […]

Perception is everything. Your branding efforts are extremely important to your survival and need to be an ongoing project. One of the most critical aspects of your branding is what customers, and potential customers, think about your company and what they say about your company. Online reviews and social media comments and posts are more […]

Brand trust is something that just doesn’t happen. It is a long term strategy that you must tend carefully and faithfully every day. What many CEO’s and small business owners don’t recognize is how their individual social media presence has a huge affect on how the brand is seen by potential customers and clients. In […]

There are times when social media is nothing but shifting sand. If your business and your marketing efforts don’t keep a watchful eye on that shifting sand, then it just may be likely that there will be potential business that you will miss out on. Adapting to the ever changing social media winds has never […]

Many businesses and employees have been forced to work remotely of late. Yet, despite this, no one seems to understand what it actually takes to work remotely. Most people can’t do it. They don’t have the right mindset or self discipline . Of course, these days, no one, especially politicians, cares about that. In a […]