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With all of the uncertainty and instability of these times, it is important for small businesses everywhere to contemplate where their customers may be at this time. Consumers have been supporting small businesses during these challenging times yet they seem to be gravitating toward those businesses that will support them with regard to what they […]

As small and medium sized businesses head into the new year with high expectations, it might be important to note that many will continue deploying marketing strategies that just don’t seem to be working for them. Staying on top of your online marketing, staying abreast of those strategies that are actually working, can seen daunting. […]

A new year tends to be ushered in with confidence and optimism. Many see it as an opportunity to evaluate the previous year and to plan for a new vision going forward. This can especially be so for small businesses everywhere as they continue to surge forward despite daunting obstacles. But, what might a new […]

Just when you might think that your social media strategy is doing just fine, circumstances arise that can cause a small business to re-evaluate that strategy. Uncertainty and volatility seem to be the buzzwords these days and social media seems to be no different. It is always better to know where something may be going […]

When it comes to brand awareness, can video really help elevate your brand when used in conjunction with your SEO and social media campaigns? Many small businesses have yet to pull the trigger on a video strategy and it just may be what is holding them back from a huge expansion. Brand recognition has never […]

If there is one thing a small business owner doesn’t need, it’s volatility. Knowing where things are, and where they are headed, can be a magic wand when it comes to planning your future online marketing strategy. While content will always remain king, it is crucial to understand what is working and what is not […]

As if small businesses have not had enough thrown at them in the last twenty months or so, here comes the holiday shopping season. While the holiday season has always been a critical time for retailers, this season seems like it could be a make or break situation for many. As always, entrepreneurs and small […]

Is attracting influencers really a solid strategy that you should be incorporating into your overall marketing plans? Is there a real return on investment. While many small businesses have been slow to adopt influencer marketing it does appear as if the effort is worth it. In some recently published data by, influencers seem to […]

For American small and mid sized companies, it just may come down to how adaptable they are in order to have a hugely successful holiday season. This holiday season seems to be a true test of resiliency and courage. Those who can shift and adapt may just end up the winners at the end of […]

While most small businesses put most of their marketing efforts and resources into SEO and social media, it may be time to re-evaluate boosting your pay per click strategy. There always seems to be great debate regarding the effectiveness of PPC, but it is here to stay because it seems to generate the return businesses […]