Small Company Internet Marketing

One of the most overlooked weapons in any marketing arsenal just may be the podcast. If done right, a quality podcast can allow any size business to generate traffic and establish their brand as a local and national authority. The challenge continues to be how to develop an effective enough one to drive that traffic […]

Search engine optimization is not an option for those businesses who wish to compete at any level. This is well known and most small businesses work hard at their SEO strategies. As the algorithms at the search engines continue to morph, SEO continues to be an ongoing practice as it, too, must shift with the […]

Can the content you produce for your business really strengthen your SEO capabilities? The most successful of companies, regardless of industry or profession, have come to learn that, without content, their business is going nowhere fast. Content is king as the saying goes. But can the content you produce actually have a long term effect […]

Search engine optimization continues to be the most valuable asset you have for boosting your visibility and, in the end, your profitability. Because SEO is such an important link in the survival of your business, it becomes even more critical to find those professionals who know it inside and out and to be on top […]

Much is constantly made about integrating video into your overall online marketing strategy. But, is it being made too much of? Keeping your SEO and your social media strong and current should be enough. Shouldn’t it? In some surprising research gathered together by Oberlo, it seems that video will continue to be an important weapon […]

The future of small business can be tough to see as things seems to shift on a daily basis. What has come to the forefront over the past year is the rise of ecommerce across all industries and professions. There has been some recently released data from Statista, and published at Ecommerce Guide, that reveals […]

Search engine optimization is, and will remain, the most effective weapon you have in your marketing arsenal. As things continue to shift this way and that, SEO becomes a strategy that can’t be done alone. Too many small business owners and entrepreneurs believe that they can do it themselves. They find out, many too late, […]

As small businesses everywhere continue to battle on in the face of some difficult odds, it seems that consumers continue to support their local businesses over the national brands. Even with the ease of  buying online, the huge bulk of consumers would rather go out and shop local. In recent released research done by Denver […]

As the holiday shopping season continues to rumble on, not only is it looking rather bright but it has been shaping up as a season like never before. To make your mark this season, your company, and your marketing, must be ready to pivot at a moments notice. So seems to say McKinsey and Company […]

As American small businesses continue to successfully battle back from the many roadblocks placed before them, there seems to be great news with regard to how people expect to approach the upcoming holiday shopping season. In a recent survey performed by Engine Insights, it seems that nearly 90 percent of the people they spoke with […]