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If there is one thing that is constantly changing and shifting, it is social media. Social media is an area of your marketing efforts that can never be ignored. Getting hold of some hard stats and data can make or break your company both in the near future as well as in the long term. […]

Social proof has always been a major factor in the success of any marketing strategy. In the end, it just may be a deciding factor in whether a potential customer buys from you or from one of your rivals. Some recent research published by the consumer review platform Trustpilot confirms that social proof is, indeed, […]

Marketing and advertising and brand building are the very life line of any small business. Ignore any of them and you may not be around for all that long. The challenge can often be huge misconceptions with regard to marketing that, if you allow them to linger and take hold, just may end up costing […]

According to much of the latest marketing research, only around 36% of American small businesses have established a SEO strategy and are applying it everyday. Many small business owners realize the importance of having a comprehensive plan for their search engine optimization but too few are prepared to go out and do what they need […]

Technology, it seems, moves with the speed of a lightning strike. Never has the evolution of technology so affected businesses of all sizes like it has done in the last several years. Recent research compiled by the Pew Research Center highlights just how tech trends over last decade have altered everything from daily communication to […]

A recent small business index released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife reflects what other small business reports have been revealing – that US small business is sound and looking to grow. Unemployment is reported to be its lowest in 50 years and report after report continues to signal American business supporting the […]

There is really no debate with regard to the importance of video in the success of any company’s marketing strategy. The ability to reach large audiences with your message and branding is unquestioned. More companies of all sizes have seized this opportunity and have seen their brands expand as many embrace a YouTube channel as […]

Does social media proof really matter to the success of your business?  Social media is one of the main focus points in the building of any business and brand. Without it, you will find yourself falling far behind your competitors that do. It is all about being visible and staying visible. It is all about […]

Taking advantage of social media as a B2B company is not something most B2B companies seem to consider. Those that do, seem to dismiss it as being rather low brow and fit only for the B2C companies. Video is one of the most potent marketing weapons any company has these days regardless of size. Here […]

Google recently confirmed what many have suspected for the last month or so. The search god has updated their parameters with regard to local search and released a statement stating that they are: “making use of neural matching as part of the process of generating local search results…”  The company stated that they are now […]