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Knowing the importance of your social media marketing is not enough anymore. The algorithms that platform users engage with can seem set but they actually morph into something else rather quickly. The true core of it, however, remains community building, conversation and engagement with potential customers. This is where it can get a bit tricky. […]

If it is one area in which a small business needs to stay far ahead of the proverbial curve, it is their social media marketing. Few things seem to morph more quickly than the social media platforms and their user’s interests and habits. With over half the world’s population using social media, it is impossible […]

Is there any more of an ultimate challenge than a startup business? Building a successful business these days has never been more challenging but one ultimate weapon you have at your immediate disposal is search engine optimization. SEO is a key part of success for any business and there are many reasons why. Perhaps the […]

Those who see what needs to be seen have seen this coming for quite some time. It was recently announced that Instagram has now overtaken YouTube as the top social media platform for effective influencer marketing. Instagram’s momentum has been building steadily and it only seemed a matter of time before it became the most […]

The stats, of course, are rather bleak and will continue to be. Nearly sixty percent of all small businesses never make it to their fifth anniversary. Is it that too many people without experience or the proper mindset believe that they can be entrepreneurs? Is it that too many think they can bootstrap their way […]

Your social media marketing efforts are designed to drive traffic and increase your profits. If it isn’t doing these things, especially boosting profits, then it may be time to examine your current social media strategies. With over 80% of all humans on the planet actively involved and immersed in social media platforms, it is a […]

The ever changing SEO landscape is just that – ever changing. If you are not ahead of it then you are working from behind. No business wants to constantly be two touchdowns behind their rivals. It isn’t so much that customer search habits are changing all the rapidly but more the way in which the […]

If it is one critical area in which most small and medium sized businesses pay almost no attention to it is their mobile marketing. Mobile use for search has exploded and mobile use should increase to nearly 70% of all searches within the next year or so. Also, the search god Google has demanded that […]

When small business owners and entrepreneurs gather to create and carry out their SEO marketing plans, quite often they are focused on things that aren’t all that important. Too many are focused entirely on the numbers. Too many are focused on every little ridiculous tweek Google decides to throw out there. Too many are focused […]

User Experience (UX) has been around since the late 1990’s but it has begun to take on a greater importance with regard to your SEO marketing and your overall business success. What UX breaks down to, essentially, is the interaction that happens between your company and your customers and potential customers. UX has begun to […]