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As American small business continues to battle against daunting odds, it looks as if the American consumer is right along side which just may make for a positive holiday season for everyone.  In some recently published research from Square and Wakefield, it seems that consumers continue to be optimistic about shopping at stores. The following […]

As the holiday shopping season continues to rumble on, not only is it looking rather bright but it has been shaping up as a season like never before. To make your mark this season, your company, and your marketing, must be ready to pivot at a moments notice. So seems to say McKinsey and Company […]

Happiness just doesn’t happen out of nowhere. It’s not something you can wait around for or pursue. Happiness, for the most part, is a state of mind. It is an accumulation of habits dedicated toward a perceived and defined state of happiness. Happiness is not something that is outside of yourself. You choose to be […]

As the uncertainty of these times continues, it seems like a good time to take stock of where your company is and where it might be going over the next six months. Is it better to just try to survive until the end of this tunnel appears or is it better to plan and continue […]

As the current holiday season continues its extended way, it seems that most small businesses continue to hope for a strong combination of both in store and online traffic and sales. Just this week, Adobe has issued its findings with regard to how this season might be shaping up with regard to online traffic and […]

So, how is your video game? As marketing efforts become more sophisticated these days, it is important to realize that video must be in your marketing mix if you want to stay ahead of the competition. But, how effective is video really? Turns out it just may be the most effective weapon you have. In […]

Getting a firm grip on your mobile SEO strategy may never be more critical to the survival of your business. As mobile search continues to drive itself forward, it has quickly become the preferred method of search for pretty much every generation. In some recent research released by the Blue Corona company, mobile search has […]

Uncertainty and confusion seems to be the order of the day as restrictions, and flat out guessing, seems to rule supreme these days. As the B2C companies look to gain some serious ground during this holiday season, the future may not be so foreseeable for the B2B businesses. Sure, the B2C’s can turn an entire […]

As American small businesses continue to successfully battle back from the many roadblocks placed before them, there seems to be great news with regard to how people expect to approach the upcoming holiday shopping season. In a recent survey performed by Engine Insights, it seems that nearly 90 percent of the people they spoke with […]

Is it finally time that your company started to get personal? An ongoing trend of personalizing online marketing to make a direct and meaningful impact on potential customers seems to be on the rise. It also seems to be working according to many marketers throughout the country. In some recent research published by Business2Community, it […]