Online Marketing Services: Are You Out of Date?

Posted on August 11, 2023 in Online Marketing

online marketing services


Do B2B companies face distinct challenges compared to B2C counterparts in implementing an online marketing strategy? Undoubtedly, they do. Regrettably, many B2B companies persist in employing a B2C template for driving new sales and enhancing brand awareness. B2B entities must adopt a distinct approach with online marketing services, as emphasized by recent research published by Userguiding.

The following excerpts are directly sourced from the report mentioned above:

  • Referrals (65%) and email marketing (38%) stand out as the top sources of marketing leads.
  • One of three B2B companies allocates 5% of their budgets for marketing purposes.
  • The primary areas of marketing expenditure are Website Development (51%) and Digital Marketing (44%).
  • A significant 95% of B2B marketers generate social media content.
  • Preferred social media platforms among top B2B professionals include LinkedIn (86%), Facebook (79%), Twitter (60%), Instagram (60%), and YouTube (56%) this year.
  • The major challenge in B2B social media marketing is engagement (63%), closely followed by measuring social ROI (55%).
  • Content marketing is embraced by 91% of B2B businesses.

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B2B marketers attesting to high levels of content marketing success attribute it primarily to the value their content delivers (83%) and website modifications (60%).

  • Custom content that educates about a product is appreciated by 80% of internet consumers, with 60% becoming more interested in a product after consuming content about it.
  • Nearly half of all B2B marketers outsource at least one content-related activity. Last year, 71% of respondents from large companies outsourced, compared to 61% this year.
  • Predominant organic content distribution channels for B2B marketers encompass social media platforms (89%), email (87%), and their organization’s website/blog (86%).
  • A substantial 80% of B2B decision-makers favor blog posts/articles over ads when evaluating potential partners, leading to improved product decisions for 60% of them.
  • Video usage as a marketing tool remains consistent at 86%, the same as in 2021.
  • Videos (61%), links directing to website content (51%), and links to blog posts (43%) resonate most effectively with marketing audiences.
  • Branded video content captivates consumers by 43%, whereas branded photo content (36%) and branded written content (18%) hold less interest.
  • 59% of executives prefer consuming information through videos rather than text.
  • Videos under one minute in length attract over half of the viewers.
  • Horizontal viewing is favored by 75%, while vertical viewing is preferred by only 25%.
  • User-generated video constitutes 60% of all video content created.
  • A significant 27-30% of marketers consider video more pivotal to their strategy than their website.


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