Online Marketing

Are you taking your social media marketing for the serious weapon that it is? Sadly, many small businesses are not. When you use your social media channels to inform and drive traffic, it is then that you will begin to realize the value it has. In addition, social media access is free. However, there may […]

In some recent research released by the National Retail Federation, the holiday shopping season looks promising indeed. All across the generations it looks as if people will be ready to spend both online and out at the stores. The following is just some of the data released by the NRF as the holiday shopping season […]

There are those companies out there who seem to be doing everything right. Operating a small business involves so many risks, so many unpredictable factors that what you really need is a company culture that will truly foster success. A successful culture, of course, starts at the top with you. It is you that everyone […]

When search god Google decides to fix something that isn’t broken with a new algorithm, many small businesses tend to go into an immediate panic. And rightly so. Building and executing a successful business these days is tough enough without Google continually trying to punch your SEO marketing efforts in the face. However, there are […]

There comes a time when an entrepreneur and small business owner must decide that they are tired of playing nice. You seem to be stuck in the same place, never seeming to move forward even the proverbial inch. Why is that? Are you just competing? Anyone can compete. Even a team that has no wins […]

Content creation and distribution is one of the most important weapons you have with regard to creating future success for your business. Some recent research published at Entrepreneur Magazine gives a snapshot of where the digital world is and where it is going. Nothing could be more important to your future marketing efforts than to […]

Being a small business, you need to take advantage of every opportunity and strategy you can to compete and succeed. One of the most effective weapons you have at your disposal is search engine optimization. It is your SEO that can drive traffic and business to you in a way that no other strategy can. […]

One of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal is, of course, video. This holds true for both B2C and B2B companies. The challenging part seems to be that too few small businesses are using video and, more importantly, using if effectively. B2B is a whole different approach than B2C and video can be […]

Running a competitive eommerce site these days can be a huge challenge. It can be even more daunting if you are trying to get your startup off and running. If you aren’t in front of your vision and your rivals, you will find yourself falling behind and, perhaps, unable to ever catch up. What you […]

Perhaps the most important aspect to the survival of your business is your search engine optimization. Without a proper and effective SEO marketing strategy you areĀ  flying blind and you allow your rivals The opportunity to leave you in the dust. You need all of the latest research and intelligence you an get in order […]