Online Marketing

Your overall marketing strategies must include everything that will probably drive both existing customers, and potentially new customers, to your site or location. For a few years now, email marketing has been exploding as a way to drive the traffic you need. Unfortunately, too many small businesses just can’t seem to get the email strategy […]

When it comes to your marketing efforts, sometimes it is not that easy to know what is working and what is not. Brand awareness is, of course, everything as you cobble together a plan centering on your social media, SEO and email as well as your content marketing. Having the data, and making the adjustments, […]

Sadly, there is still an enormous amount of small businesses out there that have yet to adapt to mobile. With most consumers searching and buying through their mobile devices, not being optimized for mobile will definitely put you way behind your rivals. Also, for many, they have taken a do-it-yourself approach that simply isn’t working. […]

As American small businesses continue to struggle and battle their way back from many devastating roadblocks, it is heartening to see that the American entrepreneurial spirit has remained intact. The economy had been roaring along with opportunities everywhere until it was suddenly stopped and local politicians began to decide how things were going to go. […]

The strength of your overall SEO and digital marketing efforts will likely determine the future of your business. The most crucial part of a potential customer’s journey begins when they have identified their pain and have now begun to search out solutions. Perhaps the foremost reason most small business owners don’t have an exact handle […]

To blog or not to blog seems to be a question many small business owners and entrepreneurs seem to ask themselves on a regular basis. Will blogging actually help your marketing and branding efforts? Will it assist, and even boost, your SEO strategy? There has been plenty of recent research done that gets a handle […]

Despite battling daunting conditions not seen since the Great Depression, small businesses in the USA continue to adapt and succeed. As the last six months or so have thrown up roadblock after roadblock, American small businesses continue to mount their rally and press forward and have recently finished out the third quarter with extreme optimism. […]

Brand trust is something that just doesn’t happen. It is a long term strategy that you must tend carefully and faithfully every day. What many CEO’s and small business owners don’t recognize is how their individual social media presence has a huge affect on how the brand is seen by potential customers and clients. In […]

Many small businesses have been gearing up for Google’s shift to mobile first indexing of its search results. Are you ready? If you have yet to optimize your website for mobile search, it isn’t too late to do so. Google has recently announced that they have delayed the launch of their mobile search priority to […]

One huge risk factor that many small businesses fail to address adequately is the potential harm that can be done by a disgruntled customer or less than stellar online review or comment. If not addressed forcefully, and immediately, these negative comments can lead to the damage of your brand’s reputation. You have worked hard to […]