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As more and more obstacles and restrictions get hurled at American small business, it can become both difficult, and frustrating, to get a handle on where things actually are and where they might be headed. Is there a road ahead? Is it visible? Can we even see it? This seems to be the questions recently […]

It just may be time for your online marketing to get personal. If there is one trend that continues to pick up speed and momentum, it is making things personal. Personalized marketing allows you to take aim at particular segments and individuals in an ongoing effort to maximize your traffic as well as your conversions. […]

As these challenging times continue, it can sometimes be a tough call with regard to the type of strategy that your business needs right now. Should you try and experiment with the untried or remain focused on what has always worked and just keep plugging away? In some recently released data gathered by the San […]

Things are just not as predictable as before. That is pretty much being observed everywhere. The same can be said of your online marketing efforts. Has it been some time since you examined it? Have you taken a hard look at what your SEO and social media efforts are doing? Without some knowledge if what […]

The future, it seems, has never been more unknowable. One thing that does seem to be in the future of small businesses is working remotely. There seems to be mixed reviews coming in from all over but has gone out to see exactly what the state of working remotely just might be. The following […]

It isn’t always easy to figure out where your B2B online marketing efforts need to go. Despite the current volatility, there seems to be a new direction that all B2B companies need to be looking at. Everyone these days is looking for  a crystal ball or that edge that will help them move their business […]

People are staying closer to home more than ever now which is why your local SEO is going to be more important as the new year plays out. Making sure that your local SEO is as strong as possible must be a priority for your business as you move forward. It is just as important […]

Posted on January 8, 2021 in Online Marketing

Video has quickly become one of the best weapons in any marketing arsenal. As we move into the new year, there has been much intel released declaring that small business is prepared to increase its video marketing presence. For those that realize the importance of video marketing, there is no such thing as too much […]

Posted on January 1, 2021 in Online Marketing

As  American small businesses prepare for a somewhat unpredictable new year, one thing does seem certain: voice and mobile search is likely to dominate. Have you prepared your online marketing strategy to take advantage of this opportunity? In some recent marketing data published at review42, the long term effect of voice and mobile search has […]

As we roll into a new year, optimism and pessimism seem to be running neck and neck depending upon who you talk to. Small businesses in the country seem to be no exception. There is just so much smoke being released that it can be difficult to see where things actually are and where they […]