Online Marketing

Your social media outlets can make or break your company with regard to reaching customers and responding to their needs. It is one of the best outlets you have for communicating with customers as well as handling any problems that may arise. The challenge for most small businesses is that when a customer makes contact […]

Believe it or not, email remains one of the most powerful weapons in a small company’s marketing arsenal. The problem is, it seems, that so few small businesses really understand it and are able to produce effective emails that drive traffic and make conversions. Who wouldn’t want the type of engagement that happens out at […]

Your marketing and advertising is everything to your business. Without it, you are going to disappear sooner rather than later. One of the great marketing dreams has always to somehow take you and your business and your content viral. Many lament the ability to go viral but it does appear that you can do it […]

Though only a mere 15 years old, the social media giant Facebook seems like it has been around forever. It has overpowered America, and most of the world, and can dictate just about anything it chooses to. The Pew Research Center took a month to do some extensive research into the Facebook presence in the […]

It has been building slowly but surely for a few years now. Voice search is quickly becoming the go-to means by which today’s consumer are looking for what they want. Even recent research released by San Jose, California software giant Adobe Systems reveals that fully half of all searches these days are being done by […]

According to the latest research from the Washington DC based marketing research company, The Manifest, reveals that nearly 95% of all small businesses in the USA are not overly concerned with the two things that would actually allow them to reach what they have stated is their primary goal. A huge percentage of the 529 […]

The are few thingsĀ  that will make your company stronger than a strong search engine optimization program. An active SEO plan drives traffic and gets your brand out where it needs to be. The challenge has always been to rank as highly as you can, preferably higher than you rivals. There are a few hacks […]

Every company strives to retain loyal customers and clients. The challenge is to turn them, not into loyal customers, but into raving fans. While this is far easier said than done, there are certain strategies that will allow you to turn your steadfast customers and clients into long time fans. Do this and you have […]

There are those companies out there who seem to be doing everything right. Operating a small business involves so many risks, so many unpredictable factors that what you really need is a company culture that will truly foster success. A successful culture, of course, starts at the top with you. It is you that everyone […]

Many small businesses are beginning to realize the value of email and how it can actually improve their SEO marketing efforts. When first considered, email may not look like the SEO secret weapon that it is but, when truly examined, it becomes rather astonishing that more small companies are not using it to drive traffic […]