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When it comes to video marketing, most small businesses know that it is a long term strategy designed to enhance their brand and to drive traffic and sales. But, there are those who just don’t seem to give video its proper due. It  has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies that […]

For a small and growing company, nothing could be more important than a solid social media marketing strategy. The social media scene,  however, can be an elusive and ever changing and it becomes a huge challenge to stay abreast of where your business needs to be. In some recent research released by Sprout Social, it […]

Small businesses in the US continue to struggle with both an uncertain economy and stalled growth strategies. While inflation remains the major concern, finding workers to fuel potential growth is beginning to become a long term challenge. Many small companies are poised to grow and expand but simply are unable to find the needed workers […]

Most businesses, regardless of size, have come to rely heavily on the ecommerce sector of their business. It is a painstaking process to set up and operate a successful ecommerce platform and not all companies are successful at it. Shopping cart abandonment is a serious challenge that has many a business must deal with. Some […]

The very life’s blood for any business or company is the customer. Without them, you won’t have a business for too long. The challenge is, quite often, understanding why the customer is loyal to you and how to keep them forever loyal. Some recent research from Zippia, focuses in on that and has come up […]

Can the quality of your customer service actually determine the future success of your company? There are many who say a resounding yes. Keeping your customers satisfied, and building your brand awareness and reputation, is no easy task. Knowing what they really need and want is what will lead to exceptional customer service. In some […]

As we head into a new year, it an be challenging for a small business to stay optimistic as conditions and strategies continue to shift. Knowing where things currently rest, and where they may be going can be, can also be a challenging situation. In a recently published report issued by the US Small Business […]

As economic and political instability continues, small business owners are becoming less optimistic about the economy and the state of small businesses. As challenges continue to mount, small business owners are working twice as hard to make a stronger future. In their recently released report, the National Federation of Independent Businesses measures the pulse of […]

When trying to elevate your brand and drive traffic, social media marketing and selling just may be the most effective strategy your business has. But where to begin and how to continue? Knowing the current state of social media marketing and selling can be a place to start with regard to establishing a long term […]

Most successful companies invest in their online marketing strategy especially when it come to search engine optimization. But, are search engines all that critical to your long term success? Having a clear understanding of what the search engines are, especially Google, and how your potential clients and customers interact with them, could be some critical […]