Mobile SEO

As small businesses continue to adapt to an ever changing plethora of circumstances, it can often become quite the challenge to see what is coming. Many B2B companies have faced the same challenges as the B2C companies but their challenges may not be as clear cut. While customers and clients may well come from several […]

There is no more potent a weapon in your online marketing strategy than video. It seems baffling that so few small businesses are using video to drive traffic and make conversions. Some barely consider it while others think that their amateurish efforts are good enough while still others believe it is too much of a […]

Why do some small businesses succeed, and thrive, while others struggle and die within a couple of years? The answer is rather simple. Those businesses that thrive and overcome risk are led not managed. Leaders are far above mere managers, or worse, simple bosses. You may not have been born a natural leader but you […]

Investing in social media marketing is one of the most effective strategies any small business can make. The social media landscape, however, can be tricky and volatile and it can be a challenge to see where your resources can best be deployed. The recent Social Media Marketing Industry report seems to offer clues with regard […]

There is, of course, only one reason to be in business and that reason is to make sales. But, how many small businesses are paying attention to the importance of their conversion rates and are they doing anything to optimize those rates? Conversion rate optimization is crucial to the future of any business and there […]

As small businesses and their customers scramble and adapt to the ever changing retail scenery, it can be a challenge to determine which way people are going. Are they shopping in store or migrating online? Are they combining both experiences? In an effort to determine where everyone might be headed in the near future, Forbes […]

Clients and customers are really just one thing to your business: everything. The last year and a half has been a time like no other and businesses continue to scramble and deploy both new and traditionally strong marketing strategies to retool and move forward in this new and uncertain age. Some research recently released at […]

Far too many companies, both B2C and B2B, tend to take the shotgun approach when it comes to their social media marketing strategy. Many just post anywhere and everywhere without giving a second thought as to if potential customers and clients are even out there at those platforms. So, unless you have time and money […]

Is social proof really worthy of all the hype? As intricate and ongoing as your SEO may be, a successful social media marketing strategy just may be an extremely close second. The general rule of thumb tends to be that if a customer has had a great experience with you they will tell 2-4 people […]

As the US economy continues to re-emerge, small business owners remain optimistic for the future despite many formidable challenges that have been placed before them. No one has a handle on the pulse of the economy like small business owners despite the posturing of those who are nowhere near the front lines. Optimism is being […]