Video SEO

This year has been a roller coaster ride at best where the only stability seems to be instability. It seems every time a business owner turns around, a new obstacle looms before them. It seems to have come to the point where this holiday season could end up being a major turning point for many […]

Common sense seems to dictate that your marketing efforts must connect with potential customers or it is useless. Many small companies believe their marketing is, indeed, making that connection. But is it really? Is it driving customers to you? Is it enabling conversions? In some recently published research, Salesforce has discovered what is really working […]

Video marketing has become a staple with regard to the marketing and branding of a business. To ignore the tremendous impact video has is to find yourself in a fight with one hand tied behind your back. The chances of expanding your brand and overtaking your rivals shrinks without the use of video. So, what […]

There are those companies out there who seem to be doing everything right. Operating a small business involves so many risks, so many unpredictable factors, that what you really need is a company culture that will truly foster success. A successful culture, of course, starts at the top with you. It is you that everyone […]

While being a small business owner or independent entrepreneur has always been a challenge, it seems even more so these days. Every time a small business owner turns around, there seems to be a new challenge just waiting to leap. An important factor for the success of any small business is reliable intelligence with regard […]

So, how has your ecommerce business been lately? Many small and mid sized businesses continue to struggle to find that sweet spot that will drive ecommere traffic and generate conversions. The challenge is, it seems, is that online shoppers have been dodging and weaving in an attempt to find what is working for them also. […]

It appears as if “caution may be the new buzzword, and direction, for US small businesses. As many struggle with such challenges as the continuing pandemic and the inability to fill millions of nationwide job openings, small and medium sized companies seem to be taking a more cautious approach to the future. In a recent […]

While there are those small businesses that still remain hesitant with regard to influener marketing, it becomes more and more evident that it can boost your bottom line and has earned a place in your overall SEO and marketing strategy. In a recently completed research survey, InfluencerMarketingHub has gathered together some enlightening stats and info […]

Is content really all that important to the success of your online marketing strategy? The argument may continue to rage among small business owners but one thing does seem clear. Not enough business owners are giving their content the attention is needs. Content is, indeed, critical to the future survival of your business and is […]

Video marketing has established itself as a formidable strategy for both B2C and B2B companies. However, few seemed to have embraced the idea of converting their individual landing pages into a video format; an outright commercial, if you will. There has been some recent data gathered that seems to demonstrate that it just may be […]