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For a long time now, video has proven to be one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. The challenge always seems to be how long a video needs to be for it to be truly effective with regard to driving traffic and making conversions. The latest controversy has surrounded what is known […]

This holiday shopping season may prove to be one of the most volatile in a long time. As the economy continues to be rather unpredictable, it means that businesses need to be prepared and ready for just about anything. This season it appears as if intel may be more important than ever. In some recently […]

People just don’t all of a sudden become millionaires. It is a mindset. It is a way of looking at the world that poor people simply can’t see. For self made millionaire Steve Seibold, it’s a matter of thinking like the rich do and understanding how to attract money and wealth into your life. He […]

Brand awareness continues to be a huge priority for B2C companies regardless of size. Despite that, too many small businesses are not taking the pulse of their strategies to see if they are helping. Because of this, many are falling behind their rivals. As the new year approaches, many are also taking stock and formulating […]

With the holiday season nearly upon us, it is critical that your business take stock regarding the readiness of its ecommerce infrastructure. As ecommerce continues to play a larger role in retail success, it may be time to examine why this is so and why your preparedness may just determine your holiday season’s bottom line. […]

As the times continue to become more volatile and uncertain, it may be time to reflect on how your online marketing strategies need to evolve going forward. The most crucial part of your online marketing is your search engine optimization. The challenge is that SEO, too, continues to adapt and evolve. In some recently compiled […]

Even through the volatility of these challenging times, your SEO content strategy must be the one constant that keeps your company ahead of your rivals. As SEO strategies continue to change and evolve, so must your long term content strategy. In a recent research report, Hubspot has highlighted the importance of a solid content strategy […]

There is always much talk regarding the real impact of social media influencers. Are they really worth the time to recruit and, as importantly, are they worth a chunk of your marketing budget? It does appear as if it just may be worth the effort for a small business to take on a social media […]

As a small business owner, you have spent years, perhaps decades, building a formidable team that has allowed your company to thrive. In these difficult times, there is stress and anxiety everywhere you turn. The challenge is to avoid having your employees burn out on you. Have you taken the time to investigate the causes […]

Of all of the factors and foundations that effect the potential success of any small business, customer service may just be the most critical. Many businesses fail to even monitor and adjust their customer service and it could be damaging their bottom lines. So, what exactly encompasses a great customer service experience? In some recently […]