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Are consumers really switching brands at a record pace? Sadly, the answer is a resounding yes. Often times, a customer will abandon a brand without explanation which often leaves a business scratching its head as to why it is losing valued customers. The answer, it seems, is less surprising than many businesses think. In some […]

For a long time now, video has proven to be one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. The challenge always seems to be how long a video needs to be for it to be truly effective with regard to driving traffic and making conversions. The latest controversy has surrounded what is known […]

Small business and entrepreneurial success can be a steep and slippery road. Risk is everywhere. Social media has become a presence that is not going to fade away into the sunset. It is here to stay and small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere must learn to harness this marketing potential. It can be a bit intimidating […]

People just don’t all of a sudden become millionaires. It is a mindset. It is a way of looking at the world that poor people simply can’t see. For self made millionaire Steve Seibold, it’s a matter of thinking like the rich do and understanding how to attract money and wealth into your life. He […]

Brand awareness continues to be a huge priority for B2C companies regardless of size. Despite that, too many small businesses are not taking the pulse of their strategies to see if they are helping. Because of this, many are falling behind their rivals. As the new year approaches, many are also taking stock and formulating […]

Are all social media platforms created equal? Does it really matter which platforms your company is using to drive traffic and increase sales? Which popular platforms you use could, indeed, spell the difference between boosting traffic and sales and just flailing about without a solid strategy. Some recently compiled research published by Kontentino, just may […]

With the holiday season nearly upon us, it is critical that your business take stock regarding the readiness of its ecommerce infrastructure. As ecommerce continues to play a larger role in retail success, it may be time to examine why this is so and why your preparedness may just determine your holiday season’s bottom line. […]

One of the most challenging situations for any business is consistent content development. This is especially true for B2B companies as most have traditionally struggled in this important area. Many B2B companies have begun to focus on the immediate future and have put together strategies that will help build their brands through the development and […]

One of the most overlooked marketing tools for small businesses has been the well executed email campaign. Many small businesses don’t give a well crafted email the proper consideration even when it seems to be a long term answer to driving traffic. Some recent data has been compiled by Campaignmonitor that demonstrates just how formidable […]

As the times continue to become more volatile and uncertain, it may be time to reflect on how your online marketing strategies need to evolve going forward. The most crucial part of your online marketing is your search engine optimization. The challenge is that SEO, too, continues to adapt and evolve. In some recently compiled […]