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As you formulate your online marketing and SEO strategies for the new year, it is important to have the proper intel. Online marketing and SEO remains as fluid as ever so knowing what the current status and intel is can mean the difference between a profitable new year or a potential year of struggle. In […]

The volatility of this past year has left many uncertain as to how the new year may or may not play out. Things, it seems, may be moving quickly and just may be headed in unexpected directions. This also holds true for small businesses. What will it be like? What are the consumers thinking? In […]

As we head into the new year, American small business remains optimistic and looks to take advantage of every opportunity. Never before has your online marketing been so important. But what is coming down the road? Going into 2021, business SEO must be smarter than ever and intel will be your best friend. In a […]

Happiness just doesn’t happen out of nowhere. It’s not something you can wait around for or pursue. Happiness, for the most part, is a state of mind. It is an accumulation of habits dedicated toward a perceived and defined state of happiness. Happiness is not something that is outside of yourself. You choose to be […]

So, how is your video game? As marketing efforts become more sophisticated these days, it is important to realize that video must be in your marketing mix if you want to stay ahead of the competition. But, how effective is video really? Turns out it just may be the most effective weapon you have. In […]

As we head into one of the most critical periods of the business year, it appears as if American small business optimism has remained intact, for the most part, and continues to surge forward. The latest economic report released by the National Federation of Independent Businesses {NFIB} has shown that optimism seems the course going […]

Getting a firm grip on your mobile SEO strategy may never be more critical to the survival of your business. As mobile search continues to drive itself forward, it has quickly become the preferred method of search for pretty much every generation. In some recent research released by the Blue Corona company, mobile search has […]

When it comes to your marketing efforts, sometimes it is not that easy to know what is working and what is not. Brand awareness is, of course, everything as you cobble together a plan centering on your social media, SEO and email as well as your content marketing. Having the data, and making the adjustments, […]

The last six weeks has changed the world like never before. The current crisis has been doing serious damage to small businesses as everyone scrambles to keep things intact and to prepare for what will come after.Until then, however, many entrepreneurs, as well as staffs from all sized companies, have been working from home. This […]

As the importance of video marketing continues to gain momentum, it is critical that businesses begin to embrace it as the potent weapon that it has become. As we move into this current year and beyond, the following recently collected research should get your marketing teams all fired up to establish your company as a […]