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Everything, it seems, just may depend on the strength of your sales funnel strategy. Without a strong sales funnel, all of your online marketing efforts may go for naught. All of your marketing efforts must encompass your sales funnel to be effective and to drive traffic and conversions. After all, isn’t that why your company […]

Has local search optimization become a leading factor in the survival of a small business these days? There is much data and research to suggest that it is. Local search seems to become a determining factor with regard to your business being found by potential customers. In some recently compiled data published by 99firms, it […]

Small businesses, and small business owners, are different and that difference matters greatly. Not everyone has that entrepreneurial mindset and drive that makes small businesses the backbone of every economy in the world. Small business also faces challenges and obstacles not seen elsewhere but their fire and determination is what sets them apart and makes […]

The power of email marketing is often overlooked by both B2C and B2B companies. They will continue to do so at their own peril because emails can be one of the greatest weapons you have with regard to gaining new customers and clients as well as making your current base that much more profitable. To […]

Without search engine optimization, your business is, for the most part, invisible. If they can’t see you, your chances of becoming an option in their minds when they are ready to buy is pretty much zero. This why SEO is critical to your future survival regardless of the size of your company. The importance of […]

Clients and customers are really just one thing to your business: everything. The last year and a half has been a time like no other and businesses continue to scramble and deploy both new and traditionally strong marketing strategies to retool and move forward in this new and uncertain age. Some research recently released at […]

Far too many companies, both B2C and B2B, tend to take the shotgun approach when it comes to their social media marketing strategy. Many just post anywhere and everywhere without giving a second thought as to if potential customers and clients are even out there at those platforms. So, unless you have time and money […]

Is social proof really worthy of all the hype? As intricate and ongoing as your SEO may be, a successful social media marketing strategy just may be an extremely close second. The general rule of thumb tends to be that if a customer has had a great experience with you they will tell 2-4 people […]

Is link building that critical to your overall page ranking? According to some recent statements by senior analysts at Google, the two most important ranking factors are content and link building. The reality of it is that link building is similar in nature to your social proof in that it provides authority and builds trust […]

Search engine optimization is not an option for those businesses who wish to compete at any level. This is well known and most small businesses work hard at their SEO strategies. As the algorithms at the search engines continue to morph, SEO continues to be an ongoing practice as it, too, must shift with the […]