Is it time to finally embrace H2H marketing?

Posted on August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

z100 All of your SEO marketing efforts, as well as your social media marketing efforts, have always been geared toward one lasting objective: to drive more traffic and increase revenues through consistent conversion. Sophisticated, and highly successful marketing efforts, have begun to turn to Human to Human (H2H) marketing. Gone it seems are the days where your marketing efforts must be segmented into B2B or B2C categories. There has been a noticeable shift in consumer behavior and a more relationship centered model has been emerging.

  • Now is the opportunity to put into action a marketing plan that will be effective for you over the long run No more will customers and clients seem like abstractions. Now is the time to build your bottom line with relationships. The old B2C and B2B strategies have become stilted, overly complicated and ineffective.
  • One on one is the approach that needs to take precedent today because that is what the customer expects. They expect interaction and a feeling that the company they are dealing with cares about them on a personal level. It is an ongoing effort and labor intensive but the payoff will be enormous for your bottom line.
  • When dealing with fellow business owners, the focus needs to be on how your company will directly benefit theirs. You must show them how an alliance with your company will increase their brand awareness or, perhaps, allow them to move into new markets or demographics.
  • For the regular consumers and customers you have, you must show them the features of what you sell and show them how those features will improve their lives. Show them how you will solve a problem or bring added value into their lives, and you will have a customer for life.
  • It is all about communication and interaction. Really get to understand your customers and what is important to them. Find ways to provide value for what they are looking to do. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Marketing automation and staying tuned in to your social media platforms will allow you stay in constant touch with your current customers as well as to be able to approach and recruit new ones.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer