Is your website optimized for mobile?

Posted on May 5, 2014 in Mobile, Mobile SEO

Handheld device optimizedIs your website optimized for the mobile user? With nearly 330 million mobile users is the United States alone, it seems a reasonable assumption that you must optimize your current website for use on mobile devices. More and more people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices and they will soon be the leading way most people interact with the online world and the world in general.

The simple fact of the matter is that you are losing money if you cannot serve the mobile population. Mobile users tend, for the most part, to be younger than fifty years old and those demographic segments want speed. Studies have proven that mobile users will immediately leave your site if your site does not load in under three or four seconds.

Also, many companies have not optimized their shopping carts so that they perform quickly and well on mobile devices. Nearly 30% of all potential customers will not buy if they cannot use your shopping cart on their mobile device. You will lose those sales totally because they will not go out onto a laptop at a later time and re-visit you. You lost them, period.

Nearly 25% of all search engine searches are done through a mobile device and younger users (see above) continue to multi-task with regard to being online while simultaneously doing other things such a watching television, talking, or surfing on their laptops. You need to present your info to a mobile user quickly and efficiently. They want their info condensed and they want it now.

In addition, Google has recently mentioned that they consider mobile search to become the status quo quite quickly and have warned businesses that if they have not optimized themselves for the mobile audience, they can expect to see their search rankings plummet.

The more video you employ the better because text does not read as effectively as it does on a laptop or a desktop. Videos engage and drive traffic. What content you do have must be legible and you cannot expect users to download some app just to access your site or read your content. They won’t do it. Speed, remember?

One final thing: research has shown that over 80% of mobile users have admitted that their buying while on a mobile device was strictly on impulse. Is your call to action strong enough? And, if so, is it really easy for a mobile user to press that button and buy?