SearchPro Systems Radio Interview!

Posted on September 18, 2012 in SEO

Jay Spencer and Andy Galeshahi from SearchPro Systems in Nashua had the opportunity to be interviewed on The Paul Wescott Show on WGIR 610 AM radio.

“It’s always great to feature a strong and growing local business,” radio host Paul Wescott begins. SearchPro Systems incorporates Internet marketing programs for businesses, be it small or large. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to success in business today because many people are searching online for a business or product.

A fresh web design, written content, social media and video are all part of the campaign SearchPro Systems use to ensure companies are successful and business is driven through Internet visibility in a creative and effective way.

“It’s an all-in-one approach for businesses,” says Galeshahi. “Some businesses don’t exactly have the budget to hire an entire marketing staff like high quality content writers, graphic designers, video producers and marketers that are going to distribute that content online.”

“Our niche is that we provide an all-in-one place that a small or medium sized business can go to and they can have at their disposal experts in all different areas of the campaign—we don’t just set up a Facebook page and other social media pages—we actually manage it for you and start putting the content there for you.”

For example, searching for an electrician in New Hampshire, with 10,000 people in New Hampshire typing in ‘electrician New Hampshire’ into Google, SearchPro Systems has a tool that can tell how many people type in those keywords.

SearchPro Systems has the capability of making a company website search engine friendly, so they show up on the first page of Google when many people are searching for them, pioneering video to show up automatically as well.

“So you could take a store that’s ‘brick and mortar’ and you could do the web design, say if they’ve only had a truck and some signs—you could take them to the next level potentially, online,” says Wescott.

With businesses like Alec’s Shoes, a business with a simple website, the main interest is having customers come into the store. SearchPro Systems tailored its program to do just that. In the beginning, the shoe store’s website was getting about sixty visits a month. After SearchPro Systems incorporated its SEO friendly keywords, the site went from sixty hits a month to over 4800 hits a month.

“Look at that,” Wescott says as he types in the keywords “shoes, NH”. “I see the YouTube video there.”

Without bombarding people like most companies are guilty of, SearchPro narrows down the search, specifically targeting what people are looking for online in a quick and intelligent way.

“When a client works with SearchPro Systems, we make sure they’re visible both on mobile and regular search engines,” says Galeshahi. “A lot of people are using mobile—it’s growing every single day.”

SearchPro Systems stands out in a way that it is unique and set apart from other businesses that simply make a social media page and call it a day. It’s not just about ranking on Google, but also about having a website that is creative, direct, inviting, and informative.

There are a lot of companies with great sites, however being invisible online does no good to the business owners and the customers who are looking for them.

“We offer elements that make us unique,” says Galeshahi. “Most companies ask if you want search engine optimization, not being clear on the benefits of it. What we do is say ‘you’re going to do this because we want you to be successful’.”