Tablet CPC Internet Marketing Rises Above Desktop

Posted on July 18, 2013 in SEO

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The Search Agency has released its Quarter two State of Paid Search report today and found that there has been a 19.2% increase in impressions across all search engines quarter to quarter. Even though there has been a 7.8% decline in overall clicks, the CPC (cost-per-click) has risen across all devices.

The biggest surprise comes from the fact that this is the first time ever that tablet CPCs have outpaced desktop CPCs on Google. Tablet CPCs rose a staggering 26 percent from last quarter giving tablets a 1.7 percent higher CPC than desktops. Some more numbers for you:

  • Overall tablet clicks are down 8% from last quarter
  • Tablet clicks are up 62% from all of last year
  • Bing’s growth on tablets continue with a 10.9% share of clicks this quarter
  • Smartphones are only device to see an increase in clicks from last quarter with a 1.6% increase
  • Overall cost per click has increased 17.3% from last quarter and 10% since last year

Impact of Enhanced Internet Marketing Campaigns

There has been a spike in CPCs this quarter due to a rise in marketplace competition. The Search Agency report also suggests that these enhanced internet marketing campaigns have placed a significant role in the decline of clicks compared to the amount of impressions. For example, Google impressions rose an impressive 21.4 percent while their clicks dropped 7.1 percent from last quarter. Bing also saw similar results with a 15.6% increase in impressions but a 4.1 percent loss of clicks.

And click through rates? Those fell across all devices in this quarter:

  • Desktops CTR dropped 22.6%
  • Smartphones CTR dropped 18.6%
  • Tablets CTR dropped 21.2%

Mobile Internet Marketing Still Favors Bing

Even though Google CPC efficiencies compared to desktop are dropping for both smartphones (11.3%) and tablets (1.7% higher than desktops) there are still big discounts on Bing. Bing’s smartphone CPCs were 28.3% lower than desktop in quarter two and tablet CPCs are off 7.7%.

This means that there has been an increase in smartphone and tablet users adopting and using Bing more often. As an internet marketing company, you have to consider both smartphones and tablets when it comes to marketing campaigns, but you also have to consider Bing now as a traffic driver on mobile devices. You will need to adopt an internet marketing mobile strategy that’s consistent and allows you to understand your consumers and increase your clickshare on tablets and smartphones.