Text messaging will drive your Millennial traffic

Posted on June 22, 2016 in SEO, Social Media Marketing Services


If you are looking to target the Millennials with your SEO marketing, text messaging marketing just may be the way to go. No generation loves texting more than the Millennials (18-29 years old). If they are a target demographic, here are some things you need to know.

  • Recent research states that nearly 80% of them would rather text than talk because they say it lets them stay in touch and communicate on their own time and schedule.
  • 63% said texting is less disruptive to them, 20% never check voice mail and 53% would prefer to text than to make a call.

So, what’s the strategy to drive them and make conversions?

Discounts, offers and activity updates

Millennials are already getting, more than 60% of them, special product offers along with discounts and special offer codes. They are used to getting them and they respond heavily to them. Use some geo targeting and have special discounts kick in when they get in range of your retail location. This will drive them and steal some business from your rivals at the same time. If they are customers already, send your Millennials account updates and immediate invoices. They are, again, use to it and it gets you paid a lot faster.

Orders, surveys and appointments

The research states that nearly 60% of all Millennials are sent reminders of order delivery so make sure they get them with, perhaps, an extra discount offer. Over half of them get reminders of appointments and well over 20% of the enjoy surveys and actually take the time to fill them out. There is not better way to improve your SEO marketing than with a survey. It gives you the perfect opportunity to take the pulse of your customers to provide for their future needs and to recruit new ones.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer