The deadliest cyber security mistakes you can ever make

Posted on September 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

z221 One of the most important areas to pay strict attention to in your business is that of cyber security. Threats have been heightened of late and no one is too big or too small to get hit by an attack. In fact, small businesses are the most vulnerable because hackers know that most small businesses take almost no precautions with regard to protecting their computer systems properly.

  • Not only do you need to establish a cyber security protocol but you need to stick to it. Many small businesses start out strong but then fail to follow up with patches and other measures designed to stay on top of the latest threats. Diligence is everything. Also, you need to know what your data priorities are and prioritize your security measures accordingly.
  • The so-called Internet of Things is already here. It isn’t some fantasy. There are many non-traditional devices that have internet connectivity besides your standard and reliable desktop computer. You need to know who and what are plugged in to your network and you need to examine who needs to stay and who needs to go.
  • Everyone must be in on cyber security, not just you or your IT people. Every worker must understand the risks and be in loop. This is especially true for the younger generations who use technology as a serious part of their everyday existence. They must be made to understand the risks.
  • Stay abreast of current technology as well as what the worlds hackers have been up to of late. You must know your enemy and how they will strike to damage you. You must also understand any third party alliances you may have such as storing data with a cloud company. What are their security measures and how will it affect your company?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer