Why you need to start getting your content strategy cranked up

Posted on June 24, 2014 in SEO

z155 Most small business owners give little or no thought to a content marketing strategy. When they do this, they risk being irrelevant and they risk losing important SEO opportunities.

  •  In the beginning, your content marketing strategy must go with as much quantity as possible. You have to establish a publishing schedule where you are posting at least once a day. Quality is what you are searching for here. You want your audience to continue to return day after day because what you offer has value to them.
  • You get what you pay for. There are so many out there today who think they are “writers”. In truth, very few are actual professional writers who produce quality work under the tightest of deadlines. Pay a writer $3 per blog article and that is what you will get. The good, quality writers won’t write for such an insulting figure. Find some quality writers and pay them what they are worth or track down a solid content marketing firm that is known for having great writers on staff or have great freelancers they work with.
  • Research indicates that well over 30% of professional content marketers are declaring that they are not cranking out enough content. You cannot just post once a month. It does nothing for your SEO or your image. In addition, competitors who publish more often are gradually stealing business away from you.
  • What is your content designed to do? Determine that and make it the focus of your content marketing strategy. Basically, your content exists to drive traffic and to establish you are an industry leader.
  • Find out what your competition is doing. See if they are ahead or are behind you. Also, you must know who your target audience is. Design your content marketing strategy to reach that target audience and draw them in. You want them returning on a regular basis because of the value you present. Do that, and watch your conversions sky rocket.

In the end, it is your content that really matters. Your content marketing strategy needs to be organized and needs to find those people, or partners, that will make it a success.