Your social media strategies should be all about engagement and entertainment

Posted on April 16, 2014 in SEO

Social MediaTrying to establish yourself and your business is difficult enough without having the additional challenge of promoting and establishing your brand. You have your strategies in place and they are being deployed. How do your social media strategies differ from the other channels and platforms you are using?

 Collaboration can be a key ingredient to your social media success. Getting others to guest blog for you can bring a new and different voice to your campaigns and will demonstrate you as a team player within your industry. Look for businesses that compliment yours. This will allow you to bring in that much more content as well as being able to bring added value both to your brand and to your complimentary ally.

 In addition, the both of you just may see a real increase in traffic, as well as conversions, as you both cross pollinate one another’s target market. Social media strategies are something you must be willing to be in for the proverbial long haul. The trouble with so many is that they want the instant gratification that so plagues our modern day culture. Slowly but surely over time do you reel in an audience that translates itself into an increase in traffic, and increase in conversions and an ROI your competitors will envy.

 It’s not just about the content. Your social media strategies have to include video as well as photos. Treat you social media outlets as your one giant network with several divisions that are playing to a specific audience. It is rather like the media company that owns several TV and radio stations. Each station has its niche audience. Get to know those audiences and deliver what they want to read and see. Notice what the successful players are doing and try to emulate it. Trying to learn from your fellow strugglers is counterproductive. Study and learn from those brands that are making noise, gathering followers, and driving traffic.

 In the end, your social media strategies are pretty much a company unto themselves. Your survival depends on its success. Take your time, build slowly but surely, and you will, indeed, see the return.