Data hacks to boost your social media performance

One of the best ways to tell what works and what doesn’t work with regard to your social media marketing is to be constantly testing and analyzing. The true key to getting the most ROI and competitive advantage out there is through your data analysis. There are a few areas of concentration that should make it much easier to get that proverbial leg up on your social media success.

  • Producing analysis quickly as well as establishing measurable goals are the first two strategies you must get a handle on. Quickly export all of your data from its various locations and get a spreadsheet going. Pay special attention to your click through rates and your engagement times. To begin to understand this gathered data you first have had to establish certain goals and benchmarks so as to properly interpret your data to see if your social media marketing strategy is working.
  • Test your content to determine which type of content is getting you the most engagement across the platforms you are using. Every few days check your analytics and see what is happening to different content at different times of the day. Determine what is working best and when it is working best. Don’t be afraid to use your best content again if it seems to be working. Study the trends that are happening with your social media marketing strategy so you get a better handle on what your audience wants.
  • Those parts of your overall goals that are not being achieved need to be re-evaluated. Do you keep them and keep plugging along until you get the engagements and results you are looking for? Or, do you abandon what isn’t working and devise some new strategies that may prove workable through the analysis of what data is coming in?
  • Eventually, through this continually evolving process, you will be clearly able to see what content is working, on what platforms it is working and how it is all driving traffic for you. After all, your social media marketing strategies are designed to drive traffic to your site and your site’s sole purpose is to drive conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer