Google Cracks Down on Link Building Service Networks

Posted on December 10, 2013 in Google, Link Building Service

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This year has been a year of crack downs and take downs by the search engine giant against less than reputable SEO services. There have been many updates to take on the world of SEO and to improve it against black hat techniques and to penalize those companies that incorporate them. This past month Google added another checkmark on their list of accomplishments by severely penalizing link building service networks and any sites that attempt to use them to inflate their link profiles.

Recently, Google has taken action against a notable link building service network called Anglo Rank. There’s currently an ad for this service at the website BlackHatWorld that promises “high PR English links from the most exclusive and unique private networks on the web.” Anglo Rank also claims that “there are absolutely no footprints linking the websites together.” This has been addressed by Google’s Matt Cutts on Twitter as Google has been uncovering a few footprints to help put this link building service network down.

Google has experience taking down these networks as earlier in the year, they took down the large link building service network, GhostRank 2.0. This was just after Google announced that they would be continuing their crusade against these networks and had taken action against several thousand linksellers.

These networks are seemingly good for business in the short run, artificially inflating your backlinks and make it look like your page is visited from all over. But the truth is that Google will penalize you heavily for investing in such tactics. It pays to check your link building sources to make sure you aren’t placing links in places where there’s either a nofollow tag, or where you’ll get penalized if it’s not a genuine organic source.

Every good company knows that you need to use a legitimate link building service in order to build yourself good backlinks to help generate a higher SEO score and to generate more traffic for your website.