Google’s New YouTube Channel Creation and Your VSEO

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Last week, Google announced a new feature for YouTube that affects the creation of new channels. Now when creating a new channel, you’ll have the option to connect it with a Google+ Page, thereby, improving your VSEO (video search engine optimization). This will make it easier for you if you already have another channel or multiple channels.

Before this, creating multiple channels was a real pain. You would have to create a new Google account login for every single channel that you created. If you managed multiple brands with their own channels, this could be a time consuming process for many as they use tools such as spreadsheets to manage the multiple email addresses and passwords used to log in to multiple YouTube channels.

This is the case no longer with the introduction of the new Google+ page integration. This will allow you to connect multiple channels to a single Google+ page. This will allow you to manage up to 50 channels with a single login and give you the option of allowing other individuals to manage your channel with separate logins.

This just makes things easier straight from the start for YouTube users. This will also help your VSEO exponentially as it will now automatically connect with your Google+ page allowing for instant social media integration for your videos. This could also increase the amount of users on Google+ as those who create new video channels will be encouraged to use or create a Google+ Page.

To use this new feature to create a new channel connected to a brand new Google+ page, you’ll have to:

  • Sign in
  • Visit
  • Click create new channel
  • Provide name for channel and Google+ Page

To do this but connect your new channel to an already existing Google+ page, sign into a Google account that can manage or owns the page, then go to the channel switcher page and click the name and avatar of the Google+ page that you want to connect to it.

The real question remains of how does this affect your VSEO? The fact that YouTube and Google+ will now be even more integrated allows you to reach out to a greater audience and possibly generate more traffic for not only your video channel, but also your website or blog. Take advantage of this new feature and not only streamline your video channel login process, but make use of the instant social media integration that Google+ will give you.