How To: Tips for Social Media Management on Facebook Communities

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Almost every business from the tiny mom-and-pop store to a global corporation is online and has a Facebook page these days. A business without a Facebook page is behind in the times and is missing out on a large potential traffic source for their company. Facebook has one of the largest online bases on the internet and is possibly the best traffic source for any company online.

With Google putting more emphasis on social media activity and how it affects your search engine ranking, social media management is becoming a more important part to any company’s marketing strategy. This results in a need for social interaction on your social media accounts. A good place to start a community is right on Facebook with your followers. Here are a few tips to help you create a good Facebook community and improve your social media management.

Focus on Your Landing Page

When users and potential customers come to your Facebook page you don’t want them to see a drab, boring page full of text, that will just drive them away. You need a creative and unique landing page that attracts customers and keeps them there. This will also make it more likely that they will share your page with their friends. It’s important to remember that a good landing page is the first thing people will see, and the first impression is usually the most important one.

Create Good Content

The common thought about Facebook is that the pages that post the most often get the most hits and likes and become the most popular online. The truth however, is that the pages that can create their own content that becomes viral are the pages that become the most popular. When create interesting content through your Facebook page url on it as a watermark, that way, when it’s shared or copied to someone else’s page or site, it promotes your page. This is especially useful for local business pages, consider it free advertising and use it to your advantage.

Be the Community Connection

Without having any interaction or attachment with a community, it will be almost impossible to build any kind of brand. Your social media management with Facebook can help you build the community you need. There are two types of communities: interest based and location based.

An interest based community is based on things like people are interested in local music, a specific television show, or a particular product. For these people, create a community on a Facebook page that will give them a place to interact and build on a love for a shared subject.

The location based community is pretty simple as most big cities and towns have pages that are devoted to them. These location based pages are targeted by local businesses and news outlets and often the admins will be contacted by local media to post stories. You can create a local page by changing your Facebook profile into a page and creating a community that way.

With these few tips you can better your social media management on Facebook and help foster a community that will help build your brand for you. Your Facebook page is your gateway to generating traffic and gaining potential customers, don’t let something as simple as a Facebook page keep you from missing out.