Marketing and sales must work together to boost conversions


Staying on top of customer purchasing behavior is no easy thing. It tends to be fluid and ever changing. This is why you need your sales people working closely with your marketing people. When these two crucial arms of your business are working together, your conversions will only grow. Recent marketing research has found that over 60% of sales reps these days know that customers these days are not as reliant on them as in years gone by.

Recent research also suggests that the trust gap needs to be closed between the sales and the marketing teams. While nearly half of all consumers trust the marketing, only about 37% trust the sales reps. There are a few ways to coordinate your SEO marketing content so that the sales reps can take advantage of the goodwill that the marketing team seems to enjoy.

  • Your content is what drives your image, your brand awareness and your sales. Make sure that it is as sales friendly as possible without employing the hard sell. Your content needs to engage and inform but it also needs to drive traffic and conversions. Your sales team has their ear to the ground with regard to what the customers are looking for and their past buying behavior. Allow the marketing and the content to tap into that to zero in on those behaviors again and again.
  • Video, of course, is a key element in the conversion race. You must have video content and especially video content that demonstrates your product or service. Videos showing the product or service in action and being used by happy and satisfied customers are extremely convincing and will boost your conversions.
  • Put your technology to work. Your tracking data and email data can give the sales team the perfect opportunity to go after those customers that have shown an interest and have visited your site but have yet to buy. By analyzing the marketing data, the sales team can actually see those areas of interest and move the customer forward to the sale. ¬†And don’t forget that email signature with the link to your site. Those click through’s will be there if the link is there. Offering coupons or discounts or a seminar or a webinar will drive the traffic if you give them an easy way of getting there.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer