Outreach Marketing Strategies through Social Media

Posted on September 13, 2010 in Video Marketing, Video Optimization

Sara Beaudoin is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

We all know social media sites like Facebook and twitter are overwhelmingly becoming many companies’ avenues for reaching out to their clients.  Businesses also use social media to draw new clients in to their products and/or services.  Doing so isn’t as easy as sitting back and hoping your Facebook page shows up in a Google search and then expecting a prospective client to click on a link to your website and purchase something.   People don’t want to be bothered by having to do the research themselves.  The information needs to be quick and obvious.

First, you need to determine who your target audience is.  If you’re selling Harley Davidson motorcycles, aiming your page towards elderly women who like quilting on Facebook probably isn’t the best use of your energies.  Instead, think of keywords and related keywords that your target audience may type into a Google search.

Once a prospective client finds your social media page, it’s now your job to draw them in to your products or services.  Like I said, you can’t just say “hey, buy this!”  Sometimes a prompted question such as “are you looking for a sport bike?” can work.  If the prospective client is looking for a sport bike, they’ll click on the link and be directed to the Harley Davidson 2011 Sportster.

Another proven method of outreach marketing through social media sites is contest marketing.  Everyone loves to win, so offering a free contest on your social media site will encourage prospective clients to click on the contest link.  Ex: Win a free 2011 Harley Davidson Sportster!  Who could turn that down??

As always visuals capture people’s attention more than text.  That’s where VSEO combines with social media marketing.  A well made video relating to your company can be a huge asset when posted on your social media pages.  That video could then be shared with friends of fans or re-posted on a fan’s Facebook page for hundreds of others to view.  VSEO paired with social media will always optimize a company’s outreach marketing strategies.

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