Simple Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

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Twitter can be very helpful for SEO and for promoting your blog. But when done wrong, you can make yourself look very bad on Twitter and lose followers in the process. Here are some things to avoid when using Twitter:

Over Hashtagging: Hashtags are used to put that tweet into a category that can be searched for by users. By using too many hashtags in a single post you ensure that your tweet will be lost in search results. Try to restrict your hashtags and try really hard to only use one per post.

Not Shortening URL’s: Anyone who uses Twitter knows that there are only 140 characters per post. Because of this, you have to use URL shorteners to post a URL. If not, the URL would take up the entire post and you’d have to use a second post to say why you posted it in the first place. Certain sites that help you shorten your URL can also be helpful in collecting data on how many times those URLs have been clicked.

Too Many Tweets: Your first desire when it comes to SEO and Twitter will be to tweet as much as you can with a bevy of keywords that you’re trying to target. Don’t do this. By sending out too many tweets in a short amount of time you overwhelm your followers and some will unfollow you because you’re flooding their feeds. If you want your twitter feed to be effective, tweet only when you have important news to share with your followers.

Following Too Many: You may want to follow as many people as possible to try and generate traffic for yourself by contacting each and every one of them, but this will only backfire on you. If you’re following too many people then your own feed becomes too congested and you’ll lose anything important in your feed. The basis of any SEO campaign is to create a community slowly at first and make connections to share your content. It will take awhile to build up that community though so only follow those on Twitter that you communicate with frequently.

By avoiding these mistakes your Twitter profile will become much more successful and will help out your SEO campaign and your blogging. Remember that Twitter can be a great place to share your content and build a community but you have to do it right.