The Power of Educational Video SEO Content

Posted on August 9, 2010 in Video Optimization, Video SEO

Liz Pratt is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

YouTube recently made the claim that since October 2009 the number of education channels on their site has jumped by 77% and that the total number of videos on the education platform has risen by 89%.  Because of these numbers, they decided to create some specifically educational playlists of some of the best videos out there, featuring professors from MIT, Stanford, and Northwestern.  The playlists will be released weekly and posted to the YouTube blog as well as the official YouTube channel.

You know that educational content can be a great feature for your video SEO strategy, and this move confirms it. Users are looking for educational video. They enjoy watching it, and it’s useful. Those are two things you want to make sure your VSEO content is: enjoyable and useful! As we’ve said many times before, the best way to get up the Universal Search ranking is to build links, and if you expect users to send your content to their friends, it better be good to enough to earn plenty of engagement capital. The educational genre is obviously popular and is growing at a strong pace, so don’t make the mistake of not considering creating informational and educational video as part of your VSEO strategy.

As I’ve written before, educational video, conversion video, and viral video are three major types of web video that can be the focus of a VSEO program. One of the greatest strengths of educational video is that it isn’t directly meant to sell. Online viewers are tuned in to what the goals of a business may be, and if a forceful call-to-action is combined with weak, uninformative video, potential customers will be lost and even the greatest VSEO practices will not make up for it. An educational video provides instruction or information that someone may need even if they are not looking to purchase a product. It will not sell a product immediately, but it will make a positive impression on the viewer so that they become a customer in the future. For example, had the best price in blinds but wanted to strengthen their consumer relationships. They made an instructional video and included it on their website ( The customers who come back to use the video not only remember that their blinds were well priced, but that the distributor offered assistance with installation without trying to sell them anything. Next time they need blinds, they will remember They’ve built a relationship with a business they trust, and the return views and any links they send will improve Universal Search rankings.

YouTube is now proving that educational video is a big part of web content, so don’t hesitate to think about how you can work it into your VSEO strategy.

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