Three Types of Web Video for Business

Posted on June 28, 2010 in Video Optimization, Video SEO

Liz Pratt is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

Since YouTube first got started in 2006, the possibilities for video SEO have been continuing to grow. Few would dispute the idea that web video is a must for any business. Video allows a business to grab the attention of potential customers and make a quick and lasting impression. Most videos fall into one of three categories: educational video, conversion video, or viral video.

One of the greatest strengths of educational video is that it isn’t directly meant to sell. Online viewers are tuned in to what the goals of a business may be, and if a forceful call-to-action is combined with weak, uninformative video, potential customers will be lost and even the greatest VSEO practices will not make up for it. An educational video provides instruction or information that someone may need even if they are not looking to purchase a product. It will not lead to an immediate sale, but it will make a positive impression on the viewer so that they become a customer in the future. For example, wanted a way to bolster their relationship with customers even after the sale of a set of window coverings. They made an instructional video about how to install window blinds and included it on their website ( The customers who used the video will not only remember the great price, but that the company offered assistance in installation without trying to sell them an additional product. Next time they need blinds, they will remember for the fantastic customer service offered on the site. They’ve built a relationship with a business they trust, and the repeat views and any links they send will improve Universal Search rankings.

Conversion videos focus more on a direct goal, such as getting client information or convincing the consumer to visit a store or website. The call-to-action is much more important in this kind of video and the point should be very clear. The goal is to balance the strong call-to-action so that it does not come across as forceful but rather makes strong impression on the viewer without being overwhelming. A great conversion video for a restaurant might involve inviting diners to taste a dish and talk about why they like it, or explaining what makes the dish unique and delicious. The more the dish and the restaurant are mentioned, the better your VSEO results and Universal Search rankings. The metrics for measuring the success of a conversion video are simple, as it will directly impact sales very quickly.

The last and most difficult form of video to create is viral video. Viral video is shared because it is interesting, funny, and otherwise entertaining. It rarely comes from a corporate source but more often in an unplanned success captured by an individual user. The user shares something remarkable with their friends, those friends share it, and so on and so forth. While a business may find it difficult to create the next Susan Boyle or treadmill music video, it is worth the time to post anything that might be remarkable enough to be shared. While it is difficult to measure whether or not a viral video is successful in increasing sales, it can be a fun and entertaining way to familiarize viewers with a brand and develop higher Universal Search rankings.

Depending on the business, different types of videos may be better for various goals. In a medical or legal field, a silly viral video may be the best choice. Carefully consider your specific goals, and the right combination of these three types of video with make your VSEO strategy a success, allowing you to climb up the Universal Search rankings and be a strong competitor in your market.

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