Tips to Strengthen Your Website SEO

Posted on April 8, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO

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SEO controls the internet, it’s just one of those things that your company can’t ignore. When searching for the term ‘SEO’ in Google, there are pages after pages about it and what it can do to improve your online business. Any business without a strong online presence will suffer greatly due to that deficiency. SEO or search engine optimization is a term that describes the ways in which a website is optimized to achieve a higher ranking on search engine results. The goal is to get to the first page of those search results. Here are some tips to increase your SEO and get better search engine results.

1. Live and Die by the Keyword: When it comes to keywords, research is the most important thing you can do. Keywords aren’t words you think are right for your company, they have to be the words your customers are searching for online. What are the products and/or services you sell and how are users searching for those things? Using an online tool like Google AdWords to see what people are searching for and then using Google Analytics so see what of those keywords will convert the largest number of visitors for your site.

2. Good Website Content: One of the most important strategies for any website is to have unique content, that is well-crafted and is useful to your visitors. Your website will get ranked for this content and it will get ranked even higher for relevant content that is updated frequently. Good content is especially useful for connecting with other websites and companies.

3. Connect with other Sites: Networking is as important online as it is offline. Search engines will rank websites higher if they’re linked to other related websites with a good online reputation. Back links are useful, but not useful enough to boost your search engine ranking. Targeting and networking with high quality websites will get you recognized by their customer base and will get you ranked higher with search engines.

4. Design your Website for SEO: One of the subtler aspects of SEO has to do with the design of your website. Your website should be well connected with the other pages within it. These links should be easy to find and direct the consumers to where you want them to go. This also gives your website backlinks within itself, giving you a tiny SEO boost in the process.

5. Customize your Website: The world of blogging is competitive. What can set you apart from the competition is to brand your blog using custom themes that aren’t available in basic website templates. These could include a flexible about page, a dynamic logo, or a media gallery that’s customized for both pictures and video. This will make your blog unique and allow it to stand on its own in a sea of blogs.

6. Every Webpage must be Unique: Every single webpage in your website and every post on your blog needs two things, an interesting title and great content. A unique title reflects what’s on the page or what the post is about and draws in readers or potential customers.

The key behind SEO is that search engines rank web pages, not your entire website, this makes it so you need to pay better attention to the SEO for each individual page. A web page should only be optimized for one or two keywords at most, and each webpage should have a different keyword or key phrase. Your web pages won’t stand out in search engine results if they are all optimized for the same keyword!