What are the Best Twitter Marketing Tools for Your Social Media Management?

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Twitter is a large and powerful marketing tool that is ever growing in the world of social media. Due to this fact, it’s become important that you create a strong presence on Twitter in order to better grow your business. You can discover more about how your niche operates on Twitter and you can interact with your potential customers and people in your industry as well. You can get information quick and efficiently through Twitter and it can help your social media management. The problem with Twitter, is that even in this age of smartphones and tablets, you can’t always be on Twitter. There are many tools out there that can help you automate some of the features of Twitter that you need to make your life easier. Here are some of the tools you can use for your social media management and increase your presence on Twitter.

Buffer App

A great way to create a strong presence on Twitter is to tweet some great and informative content on a regular basis. The best part about this tool is that even when you don’t have time for tweeting, it allows you to maintain your consistency. Bufferapp is a tool that allows you to schedule your tweets ahead of time to tweet when you want them to. Buffer App also gives you a bonus by giving additional information about each tweet that gets published by the tool.


Hashtracking is a very good and simple tool for your social media management. What it allows you to do is enter the hash tag that you’re interested in tracking and the tool will provide you with a good graphical report for the hash tag that you want to focus on.


This is a great tool for managing your followers. It allows you to manage your Twitter account with a social graph with stats attached. Tweepi gives you the ability to manage your followers with a simple click. You can unfollow a large amount of users at once if they aren’t active or if they follow a certain person, you have room to customize this tool for your use.


The goal for you on Twitter is to follow the people that are related to your industry and to see what they’re tweeting. The best option for you is to follow those who tweet out topics related to your niche. Tweet Cloud is a tool that helps you make it easier to find people who are tweeting about a certain topic.

These simple tools give you the ability to help you out with your social media management on Twitter. Use them to help you out when you can’t be on Twitter, when you’re trying to find those in your industry, and to help you give the stats you need to improve your presence on Twitter.