A content marketing update: How are you doing?

Posted on July 17, 2014 in internet marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO

z157 Recent research released by the Content Marketing Institute has revealed some startling findings regarding the current state of content marketing. The findings reveal certain trends and challenges for those B2B companies looking to get a competitive edge.

  •  Slightly over 40% of those companies surveyed thought their strategies and tactics were having a positive effect. Many companies, especially small businesses, are finding that they are throwing more resources into their content marketing. They realize that it has been an effective weapon in the quest to drive traffic and make conversions. Overall, those that have a written plan that is adhered to and evaluated have seen the greatest success.
  • Even though content itself has become a significant tool, visual content has really come on strong and has been responded to quite well. Videos, webinars, infographics, and the like are seeing more space and are becoming increasingly in the overall content marketing mix.
  • More and more companies are dedicating entire teams to their content marketing or they are outsourcing to professional SEO companies. Nearly 90% of the surveyed companies revealed that it is critical to their survival that they dedicate that type of time and resources to this effort.
  • Nearly 70% of the companies, both large and small are outsourcing their content marketing writing. They consider it a vital part of their overall strategy yet they struggle as good, dependable, and talented content writers really remain hard to find. Most companies struggle with turnover until they can assemble a solid and reliable staff.
  • While companies large and small recognize the importance of content writing, a whopping 70% revealed that they just don’t have the time to throw into it. More likely it is a scheduling problem. They just aren’t making the proper time for it. The other two major challenges cited by those surveyed is being able to crank out enough content on a regular basis and finding writers who are truly capable of producing content that is engaging over the long run.

All in all, companies are coming to grips with the vital importance of content marketing. They are dedicating in house teams or they are seeking out professional SEO and content marketing companies to help them craft content and hone a successful strategy.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer