Apps playing a huge role in mobile marketing success

z182   The use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are becoming more prominent in the day to day lives of everyone. Accessing the Web via these mobile devices is poised to overtake browsing on desktops by next year. The importance of a mobile presence, and a mobile marketing strategy, has never been more critical to the survival of your business.

  • Recent research has revealed that more and more advertising and marketing budgets are being directed at mobile. Online searches and browsing on mobile devices has already surpassed those being done on desktop computers. If you are not already responsive in your web design, you will be missing out on a huge chunk of potential business. If you are not mobile, you will, soon, be left behind by those rivals that are.
  • The major social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have all begun to accommodate mobile advertising and have even set up special programs. Tracking has begun to become more sophisticated for companies as well as the social media platforms. Cookies have always been the ideal way to gather your data but mobile apps have taken on such an importance that they are being integrated in marketing programs and campaigns. It is essential that you have mobile apps designed and deployed in your marketing campaigns.
  • Apps will grow in importance as sites begin moving away from cookies as a viable tracking method. Coordinate any branding or marketing strategy push you have on all of your social media platforms. One universal message, reaching a varied demographic, is the key to any marketing success.
  • Your site must have responsive design so that it displays properly on mobile devices. Just because it looks great on a desktop or laptop does not mean it will look like that on a tablet or phone. In fact, it won’t.
  • Coordinate the availability of your apps at all of your social media sites. Push them and make them free for the download. Promote the app, offer rewards for downloading it, tell them they need the app to access special discounts or information. Know your audience. Know your demographic. Go where they are and give them what they need or want.
  • Your mobile users are, generally, heavily involved at many social media platforms. Make it simple for them to share everything from the app to your content to news about your special sales and discounts.