eCommerce strategies you must deploy now

z129 If there is one area of your retail business that will be taking on a greater importance in the near future it is your ecommerce abilities. Research continues to show that more and more consumers have moved toward buying online especially the younger demographics. A successful ecommerce strategy, when properly integrated with your SEO and online marketing, will boost your bottom line considerably.

  •  If there is two things that will separate the real players from those retailers who will struggle it will be free shipping and a liberal return policy. These two things are expected with today’s ecommerce buyers. No one expects to pay for shipping anymore so you must figure out a way to offer it and absorb it into the overall cost of the products. Having an easy, no questions asked, return policy may be the strongest weapon you will have against your competitors.
  • These strategies, of course, assume that your site is highly optimized and mobile ready. In addition, it assumes that your pages, especially product landing pages, have been constructed to assure conversions and have been properly integrated into your SEO strategy. While specific discounts as well as coupons continue to do most of the heavy ecommerce lifting, there is one area that has begun to become extremely popular; cash back deals.
  • Cash back and percentage off deals are almost becoming the expected for shoppers today. Cash back is relatively simple but percentage off deals are, usually, reserved for customers who are making multiple buys at one time. Getting involved in cash back programs and sites can significantly boost your traffic as well as your conversions. Recent studies have shown that retailers who are establishing such programs have seen a rise in traffic and sales of upwards of 200%.
  • Working your ecommerce strategy to include the cash back sites into your overall deployment just may the best investment in your future that you can make right now. Keeping this strategy is just one more avenue in your quest to boost your bottom line. Get an ecommerce strategy in place and begin to deploy it through your SEO and online marketing efforts as soon as you can.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer