Google Now using Gmail to send Internet Marketing Ads to Users

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The internet is an ever evolving entity and the services that we use every day are evolving with it. Gmail is one of these services that have launched an overhaul of their inbox interface. This past week Gmail introduced a redesign to their inbox that separates the inbox into separate tabs. These tabs that Gmail users will now see are:

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotions
  • Updates (or Forums)

This redesign was launched last week and users are starting to see the changes already. If you happen to not be a fan of change there’s always options in the setting that will allow you to change it to something similar to the previous version.

The Promotions tab is where the majority of internet marketing messages will go and is the tab most internet marketing companies should be paying attention to. Google will be adding email-style marketing messages under this tab. What this means for users is that Google is implementing new ads in Gmail, but they’ll be coming in the form of emails.

Google describes these new internet marketing messages as “A new type of ad that you can forward to a friend, or star to save it to your inbox. If you dismiss this ad, you won’t see it again.”

These new ads will be based on information from your Google account. This means that when you’re signed in to your Google account and are doing searches through Google, using Google + or even any search on YouTube, that information will determine the type of ads you see under the new Promotions tab. Google does give users the option to control what they see under Ad Settings.

Instead of ads always appearing in the sidebar or at the top of your inbox, the internet marketing messages have found a new home in your Promotions tab. Ads won’t be shown unless they’re relevant to the individual user so there’s a chance that sometimes there will be no ads under Promotions.

It will be interesting to see how companies adapt to this new form of internet marketing that Google has designed for Gmail. It’s a non-traditional form of email marketing that could be great for internet marketing companies when the ads are tailored right for users.