Google Releases Favicons to their Internet Marketing Text Ads

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Google, one of the most innovative forces on the internet, is always thinking of new ways to improve their internet marketing ad formats to make them better for the users who view pages and the advertisers who show up on those pages. This week, Google introduced favicons to text ads. This has the potential to make searches faster and easier for users and will help companies be more identifiable online.

What is a favicon you ask? Much like YouTube’s channel icon pictures, a favicon is a small icon or picture that an advertiser can use on an ad for their website, blog, etc. This little icon could be a company logo or a piece of art that represents a company’s brand. Sites have the option of selecting from a collection of available clip art or providing their own images for display.

Google is hoping that by introducing favicons to ads that the internet marketing ad will be more recognizable. By making ads more recognizable, users searching for a specific business or type of service will know from the picture what the advertisement is about. This will decrease the amount of time users have to spend on online searches as the pictures that will appear now will help users out.

This also helps you out on your own website. Instead of boring text ads taking up space everywhere, favicons will help decorate things a bit. There will be more for your users to see on your page besides white space filled with text. The new, more colorful, ads may encourage users to click on those sites being advertised. This has the potential to increase the traffic to your site and could even boost your ad revenue with an increase in click-throughs to your advertiser’s pages.

Google has taken another great step for internet marketing by adding favicons to your ads. Pictures can help out click through rates by drawing the user’s eye to the ad. This new update is a great choice to help you enhance the appearance of your internet marketing text ads and help out with those click through rates.