How To: Extend the Life of a PR Release

Posted on January 16, 2013 in Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Social Media

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It may seem odd but press releases aren’t just for the public relations department anymore. That story you just wrote has other uses than just sending it out to news outlets and reporters who are tired of PR releases. Here are 5 alternative solutions for a press release.

1. Turn it into a blog post: A blog post and a press release share a common format so why not put that press release up on the company blog? Use your expertise to relate the info you want to the internet masses.

You can also split a press release up into multiple blog posts to get some more use out of it. Find the important points of the press release and turn them into their own posts.

If your press release sounds too formal, rewrite it before putting it up on your blog. Make sure it’s up-to-date as well in case it was written days or weeks prior.

2. Use it as SEO bait: Search Engine Optimization, the way to bring up your website’s Google ranking. Make sure to include important keywords in your blog posts as this will get people to read your blog, visit your website and buy your products.

Link to other blogs and websites that cover the same material that you do, this will eventually build up a relationship. This can be used to benefit both you and the other website as you can help each other with SEO by linking to each other.

3. Integrate into your sales kit: The press release is a tactic to attract readers to come to your business, so why not make it part of your sales kit? Trying to convince new clients and new customers works the same way. Change the press release to resemble a direct sales pitch and convince new clients and customers that your products or services are worth spending money on. You might decide to change your sales kit to reflect the press release if it ends up being successful.

 4. Start a social media program: Go through your press release and find information you can use on your social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook. Use the information to create a series of posts about a new product. This will create a running dialogue with customers and get them excited for the product. Then you can ask them what they would like the product to feature and what they might want to see in future releases. Focus on the features your customers want to see and you will please them and they’ll feel heard by your company, thus, creating a good relationship between your company and your customers.

 5. Write your own feature story: Instead of waiting for a journalist to notice your press release in an overflowing inbox, why not write your own feature story? Either you can write it, or hire a writer to take your press release and create a story fit for newspapers, magazines, or even major blogs.

Send your article out to many different places for printing, including trade magazines that are about the same topics as what your business does. For example: If your company is about to release a new sports shoe, send your story out to multiple sports magazines.

Since the article was originally a PR piece though, make sure that there isn’t a conflict of interest when you’re submitting it. Your company might have a deal to only advertise in one magazine, you shouldn’t submit your article to that magazine’s competitors then.

These are just five alternative uses for a press release. Try them out and see how much a press release is truly worth. Explore other possibilities as well and feel free to share them if it’s successful.