Instagram can be a powerful engagement tool


With over 500 million members, Instagram is one of the largest and most effective social media platforms out there right now. If you understand its audience, and understand how to effectively make it work for you, Instagram can be one of the most powerful SEO marketing tools in your box.

  • Instagram is all about the images. The photos you post must be engaging and the must be of professional quality. No selfies with a cell phone here. You will look like and amateur and lose your audience before you have even found one. Your photos have to be professional quality because this is a huge sharing site. If they love it, they will share it. Make the investment on quality content and images.
  • The only real way anyone can find you on Instagram is through hashtags. Use at least a half dozen to ten hashtags per image and get creative with them. Generic ones won’t draw a crowd. Get as engaging and creative with them as you can. Find a good copywriter to help you craft them. Also, geotag your photos. Keep it local if you can. Make them all be able to find you especially if you have a retail location.
  • Identify those influencers when you can and associate with the big guns in your industry. It really is all about who you hang with and you can get an immediate boost from their reputations. Also, don’t be afraid to throw in some text content or an infographic with your images. At a social media platform where everything is visual, throwing in some text will help you to stand out.
  • Humor and reposts can also go along way toward helping your SEO marketing strategy at Instagram. Reposts allow you to show that you are one of them and active. Pics of customers being helped by you or photos or them using your products are extremely engaging and helpful. Humor always works as a means of connection and as a way to engage their trust.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer