Just a few tweeks to boost your social media success


Is your social media marketing giving you the ROI you want? The challenge always seems to be that business owners simply don’t take the time to design a plan with their SEO pros and marketing teams that is specific about where they want to be and how they intend to get there. This is especially true for social media marketing. If you already have a plan in place and its not bringing you the results you had hoped for, perhaps you just need a few tweeks here and there.

  • If it is one thing that generates clicks and views, it’s infographics. They are by far one of the best marketing creations ever devised and they work great. Sadly, not enough companies are using them out on their social media platforms. Instead of just writing a content article on your best tips and strategies, turn them into an infographic and watch your traffic increase. These are easily adaptable to most any type of information you want to impart to potential customers including sales and special discount offerings.
  • Mix and match your content. Don’t be posting the same things all of the time. Mix up your offerings with content and links as well as images, video and infographics. See what is making the biggest splash for you at each of your platforms and try and deliver more of what seems to be working out there. Keep your visitors off balance. Don’t get boring and predictable. Make them want to go there just to see what you are posting today.
  • Remember the demographics and interests of the users of each social media platform. What may work on Facebook may crash and burn on Instagram. Cater to the audience. Give them what they come to that platform for. Sure, if you and your SEO marketing team think similar content will drive the traffic, then do it but just remember who you are trying to drive.
  • As you well know, your agency or in-house team is spending a tremendous amount of time and effort on your social media marketing campaigns. So, try and ensure that you have the proper logistics in place. When your new stuff is ready to go, launch to all of your platforms at the same time. This will also save you some time. In this way, you have a specific chunk of the day dedicated to updating your social media rather than having your focus sprayed by spreading it all out during the day.
  • Don’t forget the rest of the world. If your business lends itself to revenue beyond your local or regional market, take the time to automate your social media marketing postings to load at the appropriate times in the targeted countries. Finally, data is the new king these days. Take the time to review and evaluate the data that is coming in from your efforts at the platforms. Look for trends and get a real feel for the audience and what is engaging them.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer