Life After the Blog Post

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The hardest part about blogging has nothing to do with the actual blogging. You can create great content that’s full of high quality information and media and present it in an amazing manner. The problems come after that amazing blog hits the internet. What if no one is reading your great content? As a blogger, you have to do more than just blog and hope people find your blog on accident. You have to learn how to drive and bring traffic to your own site. Once you click that publish button it’s time for your blog management services to kick in. The publish button is just the start of the process. Here are some tips to improve your blog management services once your blog hits the web.

Share Buttons are Imperative

Once the post is there, it’s time to tell the world about it! And one of the simplest ways to do that? By using share buttons that you see almost everywhere. These are buttons you should have on the end of every blog post. Where does your audience hang out mostly? Make sure those buttons are the most prevalent. Popular choices are to have buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Digg and Reddit. By using those buttons yourself you can share the post with your fans and followers easily.

Hang Out on Reddit

There’s sharing to Reddit, and then there’s sharing WITH Reddit. When uploading a link to Reddit you have to do more than just place a simple backlink there. Reddit is a place of threads. You need to start a thread there that will attract Reddit’s varied users and have a link to your article in it.  The goal with Reddit is to get your thread +1’d as that’s how they rate them. The more people that see the thread, the more people will click through to your site. This will give you a chance to create substantial traffic for your site and possible repeat visitors if they like your content.

Tell your Subscribers

There’s a new article published and the easiest way to tell your regular readers about it is to inform them through their email subscription. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Sure, regular readers will come and read your article eventually, but subscribers that have forgotten about your blog can be reminded of what they’re missing out on. This can equal hundreds of visitors coming to your site and hitting those share buttons, which in turn can create new traffic for your site. Blog management services means taking care of that subscription service as well which can really improve your site’s traffic.