Online bonding is critical to your bottom line

Hand Holding Small We Love Customer Signage

Your customers are everything. Without them you don’t have a business. If you are not talking to them, and continually staying in touch, you will lose them. That is a simple fact of business and SEO marketing these days. And, you can bet your competitors will be glad to scoop them up from you. So, what does it take to stay on top of your customers?

Who are they and where are they?

These are the most basic and critical of survival questions. Who are your customers and where exactly are they? You know you need to know who your target demographic is and to profile them exactly. By now, you show be aware of who needs your product or service and what their characteristics are. You can’t sell to everyone so keep filtering in and out until your profile is solid and then go after them. You need to know where they are online and that’s where the focus of your SEO marketing must be. You must get personal with them and design messages and advertising directed toward just them. Get out on the social networks and start conversations. Let people know that when they deal with your company they are dealing with real people that actually care about solving their problems and bringing added value into their lives.

Give them stuff and value their input

Free coupons and special deals and discounts is what is driving traffic and making conversions these days. Also, continuing contests, rather like a lottery no one has one for several weeks, are a huge hit with all demographics and age groups. Special discounts and deals are also an excellent way for new customers to try out your products or services with little risk to them. It becomes your chance to shine and a chance to reward the loyal customers who have been with you all the way. Reach them via social media or with quick PPC campaigns. The traffic will do wonders for your SEO marketing efforts. Encourage special opportunities to reward these loyal customers by running special programs and contests just for them. Get them to spread the word and treat them to a special deal. Everyone like to do business with people they like and trust. Word of mouth is the best you can get so get out there and make it worthwhile to do for your loyal customers.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer