Tips to Increase your Twitter Followers

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Twitter is one of the most popular and fastest growing social networking sites in today’s digital world. One of the greatest places where social media management is important is on your Twitter profile. Any goal for a Twitter profile is to gather many followers in order to get your products or services noticed online and to get your content shared quicker. But why is having many Twitter followers important?

  • Can drive traffic to your site or blog
  • SEO increases with more social activity
  • Increases social authority

Here are some tips and tricks to gain some more Twitter followers. These methods won’t help you overnight, but remember, it’s the quality of your social media management, not the quantity that matters.

1. Your Profile Avatar: When it comes to your profile avatar (the picture that shows up next to your Twitter name) it’s important to show who you really are. Twitter is a large community of real people and those people want to see the real you in that profile picture. The picture is the first thing that Twitter users see before they decide to visit your page. A profile picture can translate into clicks and increase your Twitter followers.

2. Write a Good Bio: An often overlooked feature of Twitter is the fact that users can write a short bio about themselves that will show up under their profile picture. Like many descriptions online, there is a 160 character limit for this bio so use it as best you can to describe who you are and what your interests are. You are able to use hashtags in your bio so that it will appear on Twitter searches. As Twitter allows users to search for people with similar interests, including your interests in your own can lead to followers.

3. Be Interesting: Twitter users scroll through hundreds of tweets a day. You have to make yours stand out in a very crowded room. Be creative, funny, and unique with your tweets in order to keep your followers interested. Your followers shared interests should be the focus of your tweets. If your followers are interested in social media management, then that is what you should be tweeting about.

4. Follow Others: One of the best ways to increase your followers on Twitter is to follow others with interests that are the same as yours. It’s a possibility that more than half of those you follow will follow you back as long as you have a great profile and interesting tweets.

Try to follow somewhere between 20-50 users a day to try and boost your followers. People are more than likely not going to follow a profile that has fewer followers than the number of users they are following.

5. Make your Twitter Profile Visible: You have to make your Twitter profile visible in order to let people know you have one and give them a chance to follow you. Place a twitter follow button on your blog or website, most notably on the sidebar or in the footer. By letting your blog readers re-tweet your articles, you give them a chance to see that you have a Twitter account that they can follow. Any ‘About Me’ page on a blog should have a Twitter link as well.

6. Retweet and Reply: What do people love more than anything? Being publicly noticed. This is especially true on social media. People love getting retweeted and getting replied to. You can easily increase followers by taking part in a public discussion and replying to tweets publicly. If someone retweets your tweet, check them out, and if you find them interesting, you should follow them.

Twitter is a great place for social media management that can help your company out. By following these tips you’ll gather followers on Twitter and generate more traffic for your site.